Adidas TMAC 1 SVSM (LeBron James PE) Available at Finishline »

Jan 26, 2013 at 3:07 am | stuff

Before joining forces with Nike, LeBron James went through several brands. But during his days at the St. Vincent St. Mary High School he mainly wore Adidas basketball sneakers. This includes the Tracy McGrady signature [Adidas TMAC 1] in White and Gold with LBJ’s jersey number #23 on the back of the shoe. While it seemed impossible to get a pair of LeBron’s HS PEs before, Adidas has just released the TMAC 1 SVSM at for $110. If you ever wanted to own a pair I wouldn’t think twice. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Check out James’ SVSM WDYWT in the SVSM Timeline section.

Adidas TMAC 1 SVSM LeBron James PE Available at FinishlineAdidas TMAC 1 SVSM LeBron James PE Available at Finishline
  • Got me a pair of size 12’s. WTG Adidas!


    I had my buddy hunting these down before any info ever hit the internet. I’ve known for a couple weeks now. My pair will be in my hands very soon

  • mjnnaz94

    for real lebron collectors, this will make a great addition to any large collection

  • Rodolfo Canela

    Sure is, funny thing is, they’ve only sold out in like 2 sizes and they’ve been on there for a while now. Hypebeasts are killing us real LeBron collectors when it comes to other shoes, for example Corks. Such a shame..

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