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Dec 2, 2012 at 4:44 pm | lebron-xshoes

There are a lot of reasons not to buy every single colorway of the Nike LeBron X. Common sense is one of them. Also, you might not need a handful of Nike+ Basketball chips if the shoes are not going to hit any courts. The hefty price tag, which is simply a lot of money in any variant of the X, especially on Nike iD, is not making the case any easier. However, when you’re a true LeBronhead you probably have a couple of excuses for each of the above. That’s why fans like JR LYON end up not only with every single colorway, but sometimes even with doubles. Take a look at his amazing collection and feel free to send your own pics.

Fan Zone Nike LeBron X Collection by JR LYONFan Zone Nike LeBron X Collection by JR LYON Show Album
  • Looking good man… I’m up to 6 pairs myself, lol.


    Very nice looks great! My carbons will be here tomorrow. I am gonna slow down though, hopefully. Lol


    I really need to save up enough money then find the Crown Jewels in my impossible to find size 14 in them. Only pair I saw since they dropped dude wanted $900 for and I just can’t get myself to drop that on one pair of shoes


    Thanks Kaczala

  • jwill22

    sick!!! and r those hardwood classic nike id?!

  • Yeah, after this initial surge, I expect to slow down myself. I don’t intend on buying every pair, just a handful of key releases. Plus, still have the Christmas (aka Ruby) and the All-Stars, lol.

  • Rodolfo Canela

    Lol, the dude has been in the LeBron game for ages, this collection doesn’t surprise me since it comes from him, wait until you see his FULL collection, haha still, nice man! :D


    Nice no xs yet copping carbon soon

  • Guest

    @JR_LYON:disqus Nice!!! I Started with Cutting Jades, still. I want those Corks & Christmas the most tho.

  • @JR_LYON:disqus Nice!!! I Started with Cutting Jades, still collecting since they dropped. This Month is going to be crazy for LBJ Heads. I want those Corks & Christmas the most tho.

  • Indeed very cool just the pressures for me so far i really want the home cw and the prisms i really hope we get Summit lake cw but once again loving the collection


    Why you so worried bout me. I got a girl. Get off my nuts dude


    Thanks man!

  • Jadakiss

    Ur at ur moms house don’t count little boy


    Why don’t you take your own advice and get a girl, well in your case a boy. We all know you a homo the way you’re jockin my nuts all the time. Do you realize how pathetic you are? You are nothin but laughablemy friebd

  • Jonathan

    Hey do you have an Instagram by any chance? There is a kid on there who took this picture and claimed it was his collection. Clearly it isn’t. If you have an Instagram let me know and I’ll post his name. You can go on there and post about his fake ass. I’ve been blowing him up because all he does is jack other people’s pictures of shoes and claim they are his.


    Yeah should be under JR_LYON or John Lyon


    Yeah I’m under John Lyon or jr_lyon

  • Jonathan

    Your welcome. Lmao. Got that was too great.

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