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Oct 5, 2012 at 2:27 am | lebron-xshoes

You probably have already seen all of these shoes posted here on this website, but definitely not in one photo. Karen Civil tweeted a group shot of 8 Nike LeBron X colorways, which is a great preview of what to expect from Nike in the upcoming months. Technically, we’ve been introduced to 12 different styles, but the ones below have already been confirmed to release. There are three Nike+ styles (Blue Diamond, Fireberry, Pressure) and five regular (Silver/Orange, Floridians Away, Blackout, Jade, and Dunkman). It’s better not to think how much it would cost to get all 8. I did it for you: $1570 given the retail price and $200 Nike Plus option where possible. That’s only for 2012.

Most of 2012 Nike LeBron X8217s Lined up for a Group ShootMost of 2012 Nike LeBron X8217s Lined up for a Group ShootMost of 2012 Nike LeBron X8217s Lined up for a Group Shoot Show Album
  • torotrigger

    Floridians and Pressures are real nice


    Im in trouble! I need em all!. Crown Jewels are only pair i wont have. Pressure are insane!

  • I’m gonna be getting all but the Crown Jewels and the Floridians CWs. I haven’t quite decided on the Mango pair yet either.

  • Jimbob

    Wow we don’t care u can’t afford all them

  • Hehe… I am aiming at max 4 of them, but I also want to do at least one iD this year.

    Right now it’s:
    Pressure, Floridian, Silver/Orange and Dunkman.


    Well you ignorant ass I actually can afford all of the plus more but that isnt what the comment was about! If thats all u took from that comment I feel sorry for u that you’re so jealous. It meant that all the colors look amazing imo.

  • sik_one

    ROFL…I don’t think you’ve around the Lebron community to know who’s who.

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