Nike Basketball & King James Tell the LeBron X Diamond Story »

Oct 4, 2012 at 11:20 am | lebron-xshoes

Inspired by the creation and beauty of a diamond, the metaphoric comparisons run parallel to LeBron James’ career. Diamonds form between the earth’s crust and super-heated core, where intensity changes the structure of carbon over time. Under extreme pressure and temperature carbon then becomes diamonds. Heat, time and pressure are three things James has faced and act as the shoe’s inspiration. Although a refined diamond is beautiful, it takes work to get there – it starts as a dull rock. Over time, it gains clarity and sharpens with multiple facets. Each colorway of the LEBRON X has a unique story. The Blue Diamond colorway is symbolic of the blue tint diamonds gain from interaction with electricity, which can be paralleled to James’ electric style of play. The cutting Jade colorway is inspired by the Chinese art of cutting jade using diamonds. The story continues throughout the season with multiple colorways linked to the diamond.

  • Very cool commercial. I can’t wait to get the “Pressure” CW.

  • I think the commercial is too simple. I liked it better when LeBron was doing The LeBrons or After Six with Nicole :D.

  • Sometimes simply is good though. I did love The LeBrons though and hope he brings them back one day before he loses too much hair to pull off the kid, lol.

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