LeBron X in 3 Versions! Regular $180, Nike+ Enabled $200 and with Sensors $270 »

Sep 13, 2012 at 3:01 pm | lebron-xshoes

We already know the LeBron X won’t be a $300+ sneaker, after all, but turns out it also won’t be a $290 sneaker either. The Nike+ enabled version of the LeBron X shoe has motion sensors to track various metrics including how high the player jumps. As it turns out, the shoe, a version of the LeBron X, will be sold in a pack for $270, Nike spokesman Brian Strong confirmed to ESPN.com on Thursday. Nike had previously said that, at the time of the report, a price had not yet been set. Sources say the majority of the LeBron X shoes that will hit the market on September 29th will retail for $180. But the Nike+ enabled version of the shoe, which allows for technology to be embedded in the mid-sole of the shoe, will be sold with the sensors, the adapter and charger – together called the Sport Kit – for $270. Should consumers already own the kit, the Nike+ enabled LeBron X also will be sold separately for $200. And yes the prices do change!

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  • Wow three lebron x’s this is a lot too process. I wonder how these will be sold if certain stores will have a different version or will certain spots carry all three this sounds crazy though lol


    Great news. Lets hope its excecuted properly now

  • lol, it’s not really all that complicated. There’s two versions of the shoe, plus and regular. The plus comes with kit and without. I’ll get one with the kit and any LeBron+’s I get thereafter will be without.

  • Okay cool I like this news and it makes so much more sense since because it’s stupid to have all sport packs without having an option for those that already own the sensors because then they would just start having a lot of sensors and that’s pointless.

    However, I hope that this $200 will include the Diamond Collection colorways because I really want those but not for no dang $270!!! I’ll pay $200 though

  • John Smith

    Ok, I am down for the $180 dollars.

  • But am I the only one still trying to figure out what’s the colorway of those original teaser pics of the Lebron X that showed his new clothing as well in the pic? The shoes had gray in it so don’t say they were the USA colorway

  • John Smith

    I went to Finishline today. I asked sale person about Lebron X coming out ? They said they will release it on Oct 4th! And will be $290! I was like WTF!? I told them NO they should be out on Sept 29th and with 3 different prices. They told me no and they have the chart of shoes listing coming out. They don’t see anything coming out on Sept 29th and 3 different prices. I was confused and asked them what colorway ? The USA 1 ? They said Yep! That’s the one will be out on Oct 4th for $290! I was like WOW! They had must have gotten the infos all wrong!?

  • soulstar

    All I’m looking for is a nice bred cw. But if these come out for $180, I’m all over these!

  • they probably have non-updated info

  • Don’t believe this has been posted but the materials used in the sport pack will differ from that of the non sport pack. For example, even the flywire will be lighter in the non sport pack.

  • ayalajangel@yahoo.com

    I spoke to a house of hoops manager today and he said they’re only dropping the this colorway with the plus system this Saturday

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