Soldier VI Bamboo Available at Eastbay (Sample Pic Warning) »

Sep 5, 2012 at 10:37 am | shoeszoom-soldier-vi

The Bamboo colorway of the Nike Zoom LeBron Solder VI is a nice, unique looking make up. It appeals to the truly Soldier-esque nature of the shoe. It reminds me of the Desert Storm” Soldiers, but the new version would have to drop the Crimson details in order to make up for a good disguise. They already dropped at NDC and now you can get them at Eastbay too. Watch out for the incorrect catalog image posted on their site, though. It shows the sample version with a white midsole instead of a nice speckled design. Continue reading for comparison. I think we got the better one this time.

Soldier VI Bamboo Available at Eastbay Sample Pic Warning
  • Eastbay is always putting sample pics of shoes!!! Smh that’s sad

  • They do listen to customers though. If you let them know they might change the picture. Takes a couple of days, but at least they try :)

  • Yeah that’s cool then but they should still be on top of stuff like that

  • Peyton13535

    These lebron 6’s suck

  • Peyton13535

    They hurt my feet sobad do not buy

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