Nike LeBron X “Wind Chill” or “Blue Diamond”? »

Sep 3, 2012 at 12:57 pm | lebron-xshoes

Seems like diamonds will dominate the Nike LeBron X collection. Several colorways feature a diamond cut swoosh. The USAB version has been labeled as a part of the Diamond Collection as seen on the inside tag. There are several other styles nicknamed after diamonds. For example Black Diamond and Blue Diamond, which according to unofficial sources will be released in early October. Blue Diamond would definitely suit this newly surfaced Nike LeBron X colorway, which has been already nicknamed as Wind Chill in social internet circles. The shoes features Blue and Light Blue colors, with a special icy sole displaying an image that illuminates a truly sub zero feeling.

Nike LeBron X 8220Wind Chill8221 or 8220Blue Diamond8221Nike LeBron X 8220Wind Chill8221 or 8220Blue Diamond8221Nike LeBron X 8220Wind Chill8221 or 8220Blue Diamond8221 Show Album
  • jwill227


  • The cw is pretty cool i will not lie i hope the black diamond is all black without any other colors now i would pay 290 for those

  • Well, I guess now my number is up to four, lol (USA+, Mango, Grinch and now these).


    These are rumored as a 10/06 release


    Errr not Grinch LOL. Only grinch is . Lebrons are Jades


    See another jacked up comment. It said KOBE AKA BLACK MAMBA are only grinches

  • I’m not sold on these just yet. Weird cause I am a sucker for blue kicks. The sole looks sick… that’s sort of a given, but the upper is underwhelming for me. Maybe the white midsole throws it off.

  • jaydz06

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m beginning to see a pattern here. Diamond Cut Swoosh + Lionhead Lacelocks = Nike+ version, while normal swoosh (check the breds and the floridians away) + no lacelocks = regular version. All the CWs I like are Nike+ versions :(

  • Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. That’ definitely unfortunate given the price point. I can’t afford all these dang diamond editions, lol.

  • I hope not… I need more time to save the dough after buying the USA+, lol.

  • Yeah it sucks big time!! Nike is very bogus for that too

  • verse

    im starting to see that pattern as well! im glad the floridians home and away are the regular X :) my fav so far…

  • rp09

    Black diamond one i hope comes with 3m if they make one. thatll be dope

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