Nike LeBron X+ Sport Pack USA Drops on Sept. 29th for $290 »

Sep 1, 2012 at 8:41 am | lebron-xshoes

We finally get the official release date for the Nike LeBron X+ “Gold Medal”, courtesy of Footlocker’s launch list. The USA Basketball version will drop on September 29th, 2012. Along with the official date comes the official retail price. Just like it was expected after the $300+ price tag broke national news, Nike lowered the MSRP for the Nike+ Baskeball version to $290. With 4 weeks left till the launch check out the whole LEBRON X+ USAB gallery after the break. Be on a lookout for fakes, though! Even guys at posted wrong images showing fake shoes. The ones posted below present the actually releasing, 100% legit Nike product.

542244-100 White/Metallic Gold-Obsidian-University Red
Nike LeBron X Sport Pack USA Drops on Sept 29th for 290Nike LeBron X Sport Pack USA Drops on Sept 29th for 290 Show Album
  • jwill227

    big deal..10 bucks from 300…its still around a 300 doller shoes..rediculous!

  • When are the $180 lebron x releasing i actually might get these but i want another cw

  • hatefakes

    Still come to 300 when tax is add on

  • Lol, Nike didn’t “lower” the MSRP because they never officially released the price point for the shoes. The rumored price of $315 was a rumor and nothing more. Still, $290 is incredibly expensive. I suppose I’ll cave and get this pair but wow, that’s a lot of money, lol.

  • Does anyone know if they’ll be a general release of some kind of exclusive?

  • It definitely wasn’t only just a rumor. I also got that $315 from several Nike reps even after the news broke.

  • Stewart M

    You guys in know what the normal Nike Lebron X will be? 170 or 180? Also I am sorry but there is no way in HELL I will pay $300 (like buying a PS3 or Xbox360) for ever Lebron X+ shoe that drops….come on NIKE!!! STOP WITH THE BS PRICES!!!!!

  • I’m just not a big believer of rumors, even if there’s merit to them through Nike reps. If my years of following shoes and other merchandise have taught me anything, it’s to not believe anything until it’s official. It’s very likely that Nike leaked information to various media outlets to gauge the public’s perception and adjust from there if necessary. That’s a very common technique for major corporations. The expensive price leaked got negative publicity but it’s possible they never intended on releasing the shoes at that high of a price unless there was no negativity received.

  • Carson

    will these be a limited release and do the non nike plus ones come out same day? and do they come with that gold lacelock

  • I’m pretty sure that this CW will only be in Nike+ but I’m also wondering about whether they’ll be GR or limited availability.

  • flo

    hello this shoes are avaible in france the 29th ?


    Why do all my comments keep getting deleted?


    Why are all my comments being deleted?

  • John Smith

    Same goes for mine. They don’t want to see negative comments about Lebron’s shoes. OH WELL! They got to accept the facts IT’S WAY TOO MUCH!

  • I assure you nothing gets deleted unless it’s against the rules. @JR_LYON:disqus you have “low rep” on discus, but I added you and @698efedfa89098148407c998fe745578:disqus to a whitelist. Should help.

    Ps… this it probably the only sneaker site where writers DO say bad things about LeBrons too. Myself included :)


    Yeah I wasnt sure what was going on. I had posted a list of colors and release dates on here and it vanished along with another comment saying how much i LOVE these and cant wait to get em

  • Seems like it’s working now. Additionally I’ve synchronized all comments so the comment count on the post page should reflect the actual number of comments in disqus.

  • tazz

    Do the new LeBron 10 come with the gold shoe medallion in the sports plus pack or the regular pack?

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