Close up: LBJ wears Nike LeBron X+ USAB in Shanghai »

Aug 25, 2012 at 12:13 pm | lebron-xshoes

I must admit I still prefer LeBron James’ actual USA Basketball PE over the releasing version of the LeBron X, which comes with Gold logos, simply because he wore them in the Gold Medal game in London. However, seeing LBJ chilling in China wearing the advertised product… especially with those matching Nike Basketball Elite socks makes me wanna grab a pair. I’m only human. Still, I’m in the same boat as everybody else, I guess. It all depends on the availability and the price. If Nike somehow eliminates re-sellers, for example by making them broadly accessible, then consider these copped. What about you?

Close up LBJ wears Nike LeBron X USAB in ShanghaiClose up LBJ wears Nike LeBron X USAB in Shanghai
  • I agree completely. If these are widely accessible essentially eliminating the resellers that plague sneakerheads far and wide, I will find a way to pony up the dough no matter what the cost. Objectively speaking, I actually like this CW more than the USA PE because the gold looks sharp and stands out and I wish he would’ve worn these instead during the gold medal match. Plus, out of all of the LeBron X CW’s I’ve seen so far, this and the Mango are the only two I’m really interested in getting. Time to start saving some money, lol.

  • Terry Lee

    These have got to be the UGLIEST shoes I ever seen! The only violence these should cause is beating someones A$$ for wearing the damn things

  • I just haven’t seen any “WOW” CW’s of these X’s yet

  • mjnnaz94

    damn thats alot of pronation on the left foot

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