LBJ Unveils New Nike LeBron X “Jade” China Exclusive »

Aug 24, 2012 at 2:12 am | lebron-xshoes

LeBron James is currently in Shanghai to help kick off the second Nike+ Festival of Sport 2012 at the Shanghai Stadium. Just a couple of moments ago he was spotted wearing this new colorway of the Nike LeBron X during a photoshoot for the cover of Sports Illustrated China. Maverick Carter (LeBron’s Business Manager) has tweeted an image of the “Jade” LeBron X’s, but said they’re “China only“. Stay tuned for more info, but let us know if you think it should be a candidate for a wider release.

LBJ Unveils New Nike LeBron X 8220Jade8221 China Exclusive Show Album
  • John Smith

    DANG! That’s BAD A$$! OH MY GOSH CHINA ONLY this is RIDICULOUS! Lebron is NOT CHINESE! They should be release in USA!

  • JJ

    Sick, they look like reverse Christmas colours, bet they will be sick too! The shape looks a lot like the 8’s in this picture!

  • From this angle the shoe really reminds me of the LeBron 8 P.S.

  • The LeBron X’s definitely look a lot like the LeBron 8 P.S. editions. They’re still pretty sick looking. I’ve gotta say though, I’m tired of Nike catering to China so damn much. LeBron is American and Nike is an American company. Quit catering to America’s biggest financial and athletic rival!

  • Roy

    I kinda want to live in China so I can cop all Lebron’s Fresh from the Factory, Love all the sick colorways Nike is coming up with

  • mjnnaz94

    The factories are actually mostly in southeast asia (taiwan, etc) lol

  • These will hit US market in November for $180, but in limited numbers.

  • yeah I definitely can see that

  • lol funny but true

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