The Dark Side: When Official Stores Become Resellers »

Aug 12, 2012 at 2:38 am | lebron-ixshoes

In their official press release Nike announced the Championship/MVP pack to his stores is limited quantities across North America and China. So far it’s only Miami that we know about and nobody in China is bragging either so I assume they didn’t drop there yet. As for Miami the numbers were House of Hoops – 36 (campout), Shoe Gallery – 12 (raffle), UNKNWN – 12 (raffle). Apparently LeBron James’ own store not only didn’t release all pairs to paying customers, but they also charged $600 instead of $450. As if regular re-sellers weren’t bad enough UNKNWN is now one too. Most of the 60 released pairs ended up on eBay and Craigslist anyway. Real fans can get them for $1-3k now. Personally, I still hope for a normal release, because I refuse to believe that Nike played us this way. There’s no way!

The Dark Side When Official Stores Become ResellersThe Dark Side When Official Stores Become ResellersThe Dark Side When Official Stores Become Resellers Show Album
  • Right now “Earned, not given” has a whole different meaning for me.

  • ThePhynix

    I am a HUGE!! LeBron James Fan I have slept outside for LeBron James sneakers I think with this pack Nike should take into consideration that Lebrons new accomplishment should be enjoyed and celebrated by all his fans. This particular release should be made more available so that we the fans all have an opportunity to have them and celebrate with The King. Especially when they are aware that not only will there be the customer who is only looking to make a large profit off these shoes but now as you guys have shown retailers are in on that as well. And that makes it that much harder for THE REAL FANS! such as myself to get a pair at the retail price. I pray that Nike has recognized this and plans to do something about it. I live in New York so this pack has not yet been released here, I can only hope and keep faith that I’ll have a chance to get this pack when it is…

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  • Oakley

    Wow. Proof Nike and Lebron don’t give a fuck about you.


    SMH reality check Nike don’t give a f… About real fans now fans across the world would have to pay a reseller over a stack . Tank u Nike

  • FistonClothing

    The real fans were there buying his kicks when he didn’t win jack, now he has one ring we cant even get a chance to purchase a pair. I honestly think nike is doing what they’re good at. Let all the fools hype/set sum dumb prices on ebay so when they re-release them everyone will want to buy. Good report by blasting the jack up price. That ish is real pathetic damn shame….

  • Gargavigas

    Fuck you Nike and take motherfucker lebron with you.wise move to sell this pack 150 dollars extra.

  • ThePhynix

    Will This Pack Ever Be Released In New York?

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