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Aug 7, 2012 at 2:49 pm | lebron-ixshoes

After a very long wait and much speculation, we now have some solid information regarding the release of the Nike LeBron 9 MVP + World Champion Pack. The Nike LeBron 9 MVP + Champion Pack will feature two different Nike LeBron 9 sneakers inspired by both LeBron James’ Most Valuable Player award and his first NBA Championship season. Unfortunately, seems like Nike is making them very hard to get, at least for the initial launch. The Champion Pack is set to release exclusively in Miami at select retailers including LeBron’s own UNKNWN shop. They are scheduled to hit South Beach area this weekend on August 11th, 2012. Info via @UnknwnMiami. Price remains unknown as well as the look of the championship shoe. Stay tuned for updates.

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  • Verse

    i hope they release in miami first then worldwide after…just like what they did to the cannons, its not fair cos the REAL lebron fans dont live in MIAMI some are around the world!..

  • I agree. It’s a little ridiculous that only the bandwagon LeBron fans, ones who were mostly D-Wade fans and LeBron haters two years ago, will be able to get a hold of these. If that’s the case, shame on you Nike.

  • ToroTrigger

    yessir…annoyed to say the least….

  • jwill227

    the release in miami thing for this is B.S!!! but personally not a fan

  • Logan

    Yuuup, I call B.S. for sure.. They better release everywhere.. Nike could make alot more money.. As if they need it anyway:/

  • Junior

    Nike better not do some BS and release them some random time like the yeezy….if they do release it after.

  • I expect Nike will release more pairs in the near future. It would be simply stupid on their part to make them that much limited.

  • It wouldn’t be the first time. They stopped making the SVSM pairs exclusive and made them strictly PEs. They also have made certain pairs nearly impossible to find. Hopefully they do release more down the line, especially since you know those shoes are going to sell out immediately and then appear on ebay 15 minutes later for over a thousand dollars. By doing this, Nike is catering to the scalpers instead of the collectors. Again, shame on them if this is the case.

  • donewiththeshoegame

    Didn’t only release the MIA night 8’s only in MIA if so this is not the first time Nike done this crap I’m really getting fed up with Nike and there star powers

  • Roy

    I live in New Tampa 4 hours away from Miami and 4 hours behind someone else getting a pair, fuck you Nike for fuckin’ up the game I only pay retail and not resell

  • Loo

    drool @_@! i need these! help!

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