Nike was Really Prepared for LeBron to Participate in Slam Dunk Contest with Special Shoes »

Jul 13, 2012 at 2:00 pm | lebron-viishoes

In 2009… one year before the 2010 NBA All-Star Weekend, LeBron James said: “Right now I’m preliminarily putting my name in the 2010 contest Saturday night. LeBron James is saying in 2010, in Dallas Stadium, he will compete.” The whole world was preparing for this moment, but only a couple of weeks before the big event LeBron James has backed out without giving much of a reason. Nike Basketball was getting ready too as they designed a special make up of the Nike Air Max LeBron VII. The presented Slam Dunk PE was unveiled earlier this month at Sneakercon, but now we get a better look.Similar to yet another unreleased LeBron 7 style this version features a Hyperfuse upper instead of Flywire.

Nike was Really Prepared for LeBron to Participate in Slam Dunk Contest with Special ShoesNike was Really Prepared for LeBron to Participate in Slam Dunk Contest with Special Shoes
  • I still wanna know why he backed out of the dunk contest….that mess really pissed me off

  • dOubleO

    These are actually nice…

  • Not bad..

  • 23

    These don’t really match the Cavs uniforms tho….. At all. How are we sure they were for tthe dunk contest and not the all star game?

  • 23

    LeBron isn’t a flashy dunker. I think he was just caught up in the moment. Plus I think the last thing he needed was to lose a dunk contest, then be considered inferior to mj and Kobe. And even if he won, it would be “this guy cares more about Dunk contests than championships.” It would be a lose-lose situation for him

  • sports23fan22

    23 nailed it right on the head. Bottom line, LeBron would’ve been in a lose-lose situation. If he doesn’t win then he’s a joke or a bum or inferior to MJ or Kobe. If he does win then everyone is saying big deal because he should’ve won anyways and you’ll have Skip Bayless screaming about how LeBron should spend more time working on his game and less time practicing dunks.

  • yea both of yall are right but maybe he’ll do it now since he finally got a championship now lol *shrugs* oh well……but yea you’re right Skip ‘Punk A**’ Bayless I mean Stephen A. Smith erases every little point that dude tries to make and Skip still find a way to hate on Lebron I mean it is completely ridiculously!!!! I think he really has a the biggest crush in the entire world on Lebron and he is his biggest FAN and not hater lol

  • sports23fan22

    Lol, yeah, possibly. I’ve heard sources close to LeBron say in the past that the only way he’d compete in a slam dunk contest is if all of the superstars did as well. Granted, that was back before old age caught up to Kobe and Vince.

  • S.

    It’s now called the Rising Stars Slam Dunk Contest. Bron is a superstar and has been well into his career. If he was going to do it he should have done it early in his career like MJ and KB. Plus he’s said he’s not much of a creative dunker. He’s more of an in game dunker.

  • S.

    Dunk Contest obviously happens during All-Star weekend and he did have an All Star pair of 7s. These seem a lot more flashier and seems to me they would go more with the Dunk Contest although they would not match the Cavs Unis.

  • Yeah I heard the same thing too…..well Lebron is still my favorite in game dunker as of right now. I really wish I knew him personally or at least met the dude cuz I mean he just seem like a cool a** dude and I got so many basketball and shoe questions for him

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