Teaser: Nike X LeBron James MVP / Championship Shoes Pack »

Jul 4, 2012 at 1:08 am | lebron-ixshoes

It’s what every LeBron James fan is waiting for right now. We already saw the Nike LeBron 9 MVP edition, which was supposed to drop in June(!), and knowing Nike we can expect a pair commemorating his unbelievable NBA Championship and Finals MVP run. Here’s a teaser showing two pairs in black dust bags with gold letters hinting what’s inside. Hopefully it’s a teaser of something that will be released by Nike Basketball. Let’s hope it won’t be long now. Stay tuned for updates. Via @pr_again.

Teaser Nike X LeBron James MVP  Championship Shoes Pack Show Album
  • Sobocop

    Good lord. Kiss my summer earnings goodbye

  • Roy

    Can’t wait to Cop a pair or 2 cause I have to get 2 of everything 2 Miami Vice, 2 All Stars, 12 pairs of Lebron 9 and over 40 pairs of Lebron’s Since Day 1!!! MVP/Championship Shoes to my collection

  • Sports23fan22

    What do you guys think on the Over/Under on $400 from Nike?

  • Nice!!! I still don’t really like the shoes but this is nice

  • What do you think would be the retail price if Nike dropped both LeBron 9 and Elite as a pack? Could it be $400, $450 or maybe even $500?

  • Sports23fan22

    If they do the MVP leaked earlier along with a championship edition of the elites, you’re talking $170 + $250 = $420 just list price. Then if they sell them limited and together in some sort of combo collector’s pack, I can easily see that being $500.

  • Oh and that “X” at the top is misleading….I had thought it was info on the 10’s at first

  • Selling a pair of pre owned Lebron 8 south beach gently worn still good condition for 400.00 hit me at chris.gibson50@yahoo.com

  • dOubleO

    I’m guessing this will retail for $480…

  • We’ll see on August 4th if the rumor isn’t just ducktales

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