Nike Celebrates LeBron’s First NBA Championship With new TV Spot »

Jun 22, 2012 at 12:32 am | lebron-jameslifestyle

To honor one of LeBron James’ finest career achievements, Nike launched a new campaign that celebrates the determination and perseverance needed to win a championship. The TV spot, which debuted immediately following Miami’s victory, acknowledges what LeBron has known his whole life – that destiny is earned, not given.

Since his rookie season in 2003, LeBron has been on an epic journey – a journey of expectation, success, challenge and ultimately victory. Nike’s spot chronicles those memorable career moments which have molded LeBron and fueled his motivation to succeed. The story is told through a jeweler who begins working on a championship ring when LeBron is a young phenom, crafts it over the highs and lows of LeBron’s first eight years in the league, and then finishes it just in time to be delivered for the 3-time MVP’s first championship. The spot launched globally after Miami’s closeout game and continues to run via digital and social media networks around the world.

Nike Celebrates LeBron8217s First NBA Championship With new TV Spot
  • Roy

    A great year in Lebron 9, A MVP year, The 1st championship year, waiting for Lebron 9 MVP/Championship Shoes to my collection over 12 pairs this year and over 40 pairs of Lebron’s Since Day 1 and I’m only 27 yrs young so more to come. We WITNESS GREATNESS KING JAMES!!! I need to Cop that same Ring!

  • Southman

    Dam dude get a life don’t live off Lebron he don’t live off u

  • Roy

    Don’t judge me, u don’t even know me, u don’t know what I’ve been through, I lived in a 3rd world country for a year born in NYC, how I spend my money is my business, I can sell my collection one day, I don’t drink or smoke. Ur the one that needs to get a life instead of leaving ur input and trying making me look bad, I could kill someone for what I’ve been through buying shoes calms me down

  • Rodolfo Canela

    Foreal, he has no reason to tell you to get a life. Obviously your living it the way you want to, so it makes no sense to tell you to stop doing what you enjoy doing. Just dumb… Good stuff bro. I was so happy for my boy LeBron! Lost my voice over here! Lol.

  • Alcindor

    Anybody here noticing the video??? Great video btw, but sorry Roy your comments are just dumb…

  • Roy

    Thanks, people that r not sneakerheads or Lebron fans shouldn’t get on this site

  • LBJfanday1

    I have been following Lebron since high school. I felt as though I won the championship with him. So gratifying to see a man who I have looked up to and who has given me great joy in watching his play, finally win a ring after all the ups and the down. LBJ you did it!! Stay hungry!!! The lion cannot be full with just 1 ring!

  • Morale

    I’m LeBron fan from the beginning of his appearances in the NBA, a lot of hardships over the years, but today I finished my studies in marketing, I wrote work about the jewelry market, so yes, this ad is for me – now I’m looking for the next level

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