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Mar 23, 2012 at 2:07 pm | lebron-ixshoes

Home (White and Gold) and Away (Black and Gold) colorways of the Nike LeBron 9 P.S. are set to debut in April. LeBron James is expected to wear them in this year’s NBA Playoffs. Shortly after the first two make ups make their appearance, Nike is set to release more of a lifestyle version of the 9 P.S. in this special Wolf Grey/Mint Candy-New Green-Pink Flash colorway. It’s reminiscent of the legendary South Beach LeBron 8, however, the color blocking also indicates some similarities with the McFly design. Is this version worth the hefty $250 price tag? Let us know if you’ll be purchasing these this summer.

Nike LeBron 9 PS Elite 8220South Beach  McFly8221 New ImagesNike LeBron 9 PS Elite 8220South Beach  McFly8221 New ImagesNike LeBron 9 PS Elite 8220South Beach  McFly8221 New Images Show Album
  • JRS

    Away’s drop April 20th and homes drop may 12th. I’ll be getting the homes and the mcfly’s. I refuse to call them south beach because that name can’t be used for anything other than the original. Hopefully these will be easily available to get.. Nike has to know how much hype those mcfly’s will be getting.

  • Tymetriouswalker

    I think the price is to exspensive I have every pair of lebrons starting at the 6’s but 250.00 is to much

  • Lance

    I love every PS elite so far.  no exception here.  be picking these up for sure.  hopefully all hell doesn’t break lose when they release

  • mr. childs

    hopefully they will be online…


    Are you people really calling these McFlys?! Get a clue! Anything to try to hype em up more huh?

  • jwill22

    these arent mcflys soo all the hype niggas can chill, but ill be copping these for sure

  • My boy got a dope shoe collection, Look at his Lebrons:

  • I’m going to buy these and MAYBE the Home color way… but this is a 100% must cop camp out deal for me…

  • JRS

    It doesn’t matter what name people use the hype is already gonna be crazy as hell just because of the colors used..

  • The first photo makes me kind of want them. We’ll see.

  • vanessa

    when do these south beach release?

  • JRS

    Rumor is June 2nd. Not sure it’s been completely confirmed though..

  • Deeznut5

    stop calling em McFlys you stupid Hipster McHypebeast

  • MB

     got mine already ;)

  • OMgtrelgod

     Hopefully it will

  • Beastfromde

    i doubt they will be “easy” to get.

  • i have the shirts already being printed for these get at me y_kause on  instagram

  • guest


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