Teaser: Nike LeBron 9 P.S. Elite “Grey/Candy/Pink” »

Mar 8, 2012 at 6:56 pm | lebron-ixshoes

Yesterday we got the official release date for the first colorway of the Nike LeBron 9 P.S. Elite in Black/Metallic Gold. It will debut on April 20th, 2012 shortly before the start of the NBA Playoffs. However, at least four different colorways are slated to drop in the upcoming weeks. One of them is the Grey/Candy/Pink style, which is presented in a new LeBron James signature box below. Yep, it’s just a teaser, but at least we know they’re coming out, plus there’s a new cool looking box. The colorway sounds nice as well, but hopefully we’re gonna see more than just a box the next time. Photos via @pr_again.

516958-001 Wolf Grey/New Green-Mint Candy
Teaser Nike LeBron 9 PS Elite 8220GreyCandyPink8221Teaser Nike LeBron 9 PS Elite 8220GreyCandyPink8221 Show Album
  • JRS

    You think all 4 will be GR’s like last year’s 4 colorways?

  • Jerry

    lace tips make it look like a south beach cw #Hypebeast

  • Drewdioxin

    I don’t think the second green is filament. The pink is the right color nasme though, “pink flash.” Plus the mint candy hue is really light compared to the retro and filament greens so I am curious how this “south beach” cw turns out. The color codes are different as well. the south beach was 401

  • jwill22

    i saw samples of these in black and they were absolutley ugly. hopefully these look better and its ironic how theyre re-making south beaches colorway in these it looks like.

  • bluesky7

    GOOD LORD! They are gonna make us BUY EM! If it is INSANE PRICE! Our EYES are gonna POP!

  • bluesky7

    If it is SOUTH BEACH! Then I will go FUCKIN INSANE! OOOOOHHHHH!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Prolly, his ps last yr were all gr

  • Anonymous

    Are these the ones that’s going to hit for 220$???? Lmao wow

  • Jad8524

    these are the easter lebrons that release in april

  • Jad8524

    the color is mint greenĀ 

  • JRS

    No, these are the p.s elites that release on April 20. The Easter lebron 9 releases april 6. The box would also say lebron 9 low and not lebron 9 p.s elite..

  • Bodaga

    I can’t wait to grab

  • JRS

    So the logo on the top of the box is facing the other way than the regular lebron 9 box…

  • Anonymous

    I hope these look nothing like South Beach which I’m sure they won’t. I am so sick and tired of all the South Beach BS and everyone SB this SB that. That is an old PLAYED out colorway now. That colorway has been bashed and beaten in to the ground. Can’t wait to see new better stuff.

  • Mr.seanyboi

    lebron 9 p.s. are going to be 200 what you gotta be kinda me on that

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