LeBron James’ Suprise Appearance at City League near Cleveland »

Jul 20, 2011 at 2:17 pm | lebron-jameslifestyle

LeBron James decided to make a surprise appearance at the Chris Chambers City League Classic in Warrensville Heights, located just 17 miles outside of Cleveland. He was playing basketball with some of his old SVSM teammates such as Dru Joyce III and Romeo Travis. Playing just outside of Cleveland has some disadvantages these days, but just like the video shows everyone’s still cheering for him.

  • :shock: “lot of cleveland fans gonna be mad til we retire” :lol:

  • Alcindor

    I know he is sponsor for the Kentucky now, but why is he wearing their uniform? :???:

  • NjP

    fuuny how he is still wearin those 8’s really I wish they would just keep it going bring back all 3 version with new colorways I like the 9’s but even he ain’t wearing them yet or even a sample pair of them anyways

  • Steven

    If only he could’ve done that against the Mavericks :(

  • dmagic

    Is it me or does he not jump as high anymore? :cry:

  • Soles_and_js

    He did say he went 20 miles on a bike before the game. He was tired. And defense in the nba is soooo under rated. When you see lebron like this, you realize there really are no bad players in the nba.

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