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May 27, 2011 at 2:21 am | lebron-viiipe-spotlightshoes

If you look closely at the Game 5 gallery, posted just couple moments ago, you’ll notice LeBron James wearing yet another personalized edition of the Nike LeBron 8 P.S. After showcasing his first LBJ8 P.S. Miami Heat PE in Games 3 & 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals, he came back to Chicago with his new Away PE for a memorable Game 5. I think there’s a good chance for some NBA Finals colorways starting next Tuesday. Hopefully, they won’t be JUST Player Exclusives. So how do you like this pair?

Nike LeBron 8 PS Game 5 8220Welcome to NBA Finals8221 Miami Heat PENike LeBron 8 PS Game 5 8220Welcome to NBA Finals8221 Miami Heat PENike LeBron 8 PS Game 5 8220Welcome to NBA Finals8221 Miami Heat PENike LeBron 8 PS Game 5 8220Welcome to NBA Finals8221 Miami Heat PE Show Album
  • Miz

    These look dope, but i know they would never look good in jeans…maybe shorts. DEFINATELY NICE FOR B-Ball players tho

  • aka11.5

    :twisted: real nice long time coming heat all the way…LB best player in the game…

  • JR_LYON aka Team Big Footers

    I absolutely love this colorway!!! This is by far my favorite pair of Lebron 8 PS!!! I was just telling someone a couple days ago they should make the mesh spots a totally different color and they did!!!! I want these!!! Oh well I guess now I can hope and pray that a finals colorway releases!

  • wyatt6

    dope i love them it sucks that no one will can get these

  • mOe23

    Nice! Mad Props to Nike. I’m really excited how the finals shoes will look like! Go Heat!

  • THAT IS 1 INSANE kick I have ever seen in a long time! Nike had got to be so releasing these! They will sell out in a mins. I am calling this shoes “LEBEAST” Cause that shoes look like a DAMN INSANE BEAST! That’s why! LOL!

  • joneenee

    i can see that it has a different upper material..just like the black/black PEs… its like hyperfuse with foam posite… :shock:

  • I told you guys so! I knew they would have had a new color way for him because that is what he did in the regular season wear the nicest shoes in the end. Now I believe we need a pair of “Finals” edition if they are not going to release these. Anyways throughout the whole game I couldn’t see that the hyperfuse areas were red…I just saw that he definitely had on a new color way. Well now I’m hearing “Dallas is going to win” “This is Dallas’ year” etc. Well first of all soooooo many people said the Heat won’t go any where then they said Boston will beat them then they said Chicago will beat them, and now they are saying Dallas will beat them. People can not stop hating and admit that the Miami Heat is in a successful road for an NBA championship.

  • It seems like the midsole is speckled with red also…nice touch

  • BeastFMwest

    Those are Beautiful, They are Insane. I would ball a lot with these.

  • joneenee

    PEs material are different from General Releases… that sucks… thought it has the same materials on upper… :cry:

  • Risque

    Why not let people buy those badass PE mats? Wtf is this shit?

  • NAmron

    Woooot woottt they arebto beast!!! Nice design choosen one

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