NIKE LEBRON 8 PS (Post Season) Media Unveiling and Wear Test »

Apr 18, 2011 at 12:00 pm | eventslebron-james

Just this morning we posted videos from Jason Petrie’s LeBron 8 PS presentation to the media that took place this past Friday in Miami. Now, as first reports have started to appear online, we have tons of photos to look at. Sneakernews has already posted their recap, which includes a cover of the shoe presentation and a media wear test down at the American Airlines Arena. The LEBRON 8 P.S., which stands for Post Season, is the third installment in LeBron James’ signature 8 series. This year a concept of “Ignite, Attack, Finish” was used as an inspiration and design. Nike is trying to be crystal clear in explaining the evolution of the Eight. Bottom line… their final product, which has received mixed reviewed based on looks, offers pinnacle performance, which can’t be overlooked. Detailed gallery after the break. UPDATE: New pics added via

NIKE LEBRON 8 PS Post Season Media Unveiling and Wear Test
  • wreck

    man lucky ass bastard is wearing those OKC PE’s :evil:

  • NjP

    who ever is wearing the south beaches makes them look ugly with those stupid long shorts or if those are pants them are some high waters

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