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Apr 10, 2011 at 3:41 am | lebron-viiishoes
First the lion is stalking its prey, looking out over the savanna to see who he’s gonna go after. And next he spots it and takes off like a bullet, and it’s all straight out performance – eyes on the prize. Then finally, he sinks his claws in and gets what he’s been after – going in for the kill. It just kinda lined up perfectly with the story we were telling and what was going on on-court. And we just thought it was a cool way to deepen the story of LeBron and the notion of the lion, so each of the versions of the shoe represent those moments – the stalk, the chase and the kill.

That’s how Jason Petrie – the lead designer on LeBrons – described the evolution of the Nike LeBron 8. It’s does not only affects the looks and performance of the shoes, but also the packaging. That’s one of the best things in the LeBron line… the attention to details. The V1 box featured LBJ and his animal representation – lion – side by side. In V2 box it was LBJ in the foreground, but the Post Season shows King James calmly staring down at us with the king of the jungle hidden and ready to strike. Nice touch.

LeBron is Staring Down At You More Than Ever V1 V2 PS BoxesLeBron is Staring Down At You More Than Ever V1 V2 PS BoxesLeBron is Staring Down At You More Than Ever V1 V2 PS BoxesLeBron is Staring Down At You More Than Ever V1 V2 PS Boxes Show Album
  • That’s freaking awesome, everything w/ LeBron is crazy hot! I really like all the box designs. Nice P.S. design.

  • RiceMan

    WOW! All three boxes are amazing!!!

  • NjP

    got my white and red pair today a store near me got them early there real nice and the box is like a half size bigger than all the rest

  • Hey, I did tried on a pair of Lebron 8 PS. I really dont like the shoes. Yes, half a size bigger like like V1 and V2. But, dont like the lace system. They go too narrow and feel VERY plastic. It does not feel like as V1 and V2. Those first 2 verison is so much better and feel so much better. My opition is V2 is the best of all. For this Lebron 8 PS is not worth of the money and price is too high! Then the owner offered me $120 dollars for this shoes at the retail price is $150 but I still turn him down anyways.

  • NjP

    I have to disagree with blue they feel very light on foot yes the system doesn’t work to well with them you have to pull a little harder or lace an extra hole but other than that this shoe is great very light compared to the others by 2.5 to 3 ounces feels great when walking and really relieves foot pain

  • The P.S. is a masterpiece on the court. I like V1 and V2 for basketball, but the Post Season edition is simply unreal. It’s definitely not more plastic that f.e. the V2 is lighter and offers better court feel. Amazing!

  • NjP

    also love that carbon fiber shank plate definitely makes your foot feel great in the shoe

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