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Jan 22, 2011 at 4:24 am | lebron-viiishoes

When I first saw the All Star V2’s have a different style number prefix (448696) than all other version two colorways (429676), I asked myself what’s so special about them?! I mean, apart from being THE ALLSTAR make up. This usually means there’s something different about the particular model. I guess in this case the answer is THE BOX. The only other shoe from LeBron James’ ASG collection with a special packaging was the one that didn’t release to public – the Nike Air Zoom Generation. It was also made for Los Angeles! Coincidence? I don’t think so. After so many years we do get a Royal Blue All-Star LeBron shoe with a special box. Oh the memories!!!

448696-400 Treasure Blue/White-Black
Nike LeBron 8 V2 AllStar 8220Los Angeles8221 Special PackagingNike LeBron 8 V2 AllStar 8220Los Angeles8221 Special PackagingNike LeBron 8 V2 AllStar 8220Los Angeles8221 Special Packaging
  • chris

    these will be copped

  • I need these in my life

  • Love the box design
    Love the shoe design
    These are the perfect
    All-Star shoes for Lebron

  • Joeyd23

    I seen a release date of these for feb 19, can anyone confirm???

  • aka11.5

    :twisted: will hav mine before or after name on the box…all day good look baby…

  • jr_lyon

    The Lebron VI also had a different style number from the rest of the VIs. I think they do it when they add to the name such as on the VIs on the box they put Zoom Lebron VI ASG instead of Zoom Lebron VI or whatever. Just like on this box instead of sayin Lebron 8 V/2 it says Lebron 8 V/2 All-Star.

  • jr_lyon

    WOW thats strange!!!! You see on the box there is no space between Lebron and the number 8. Its says Lebron8. That is something you would see on a “FAKES” box. We all know that these aren’t fake though so it must just be a big mistake!

  • jr_lyon

    Bodaga can’t have these. He only buys from Nike cause he thinks everyone else that sells Nikes only sell fakes, lol. I still can’t get over you Bodaga, you are looney tunes dude!!!! Maybe you’ll get lucky this year, maybe Nike will sell the All-Star shoes on their site. I hope they do cause I do admit that buying on is usually the easiest and most pleasurable way. They don’t seem to crash like eastbay and others.

  • mrclutch

    i saw today gsw at LA clip eric bledsoe wear lebrons 8, go & check it

  • Jr lyon why are you talking to me are you gay???i never said nike was the only place I buy from just not…i still don’t care what you say if nike told me their fake then it is what it is…and when I talked to nike they said the cool greys want even finished yet so how are they selling them a month before release date use you’re common sense.. I go to house of hoops and I order off eastbay too..and in philly ubiq get all the exclusive lebrons I don’t know where you’re from but their not that hard to get like you think…u could never live in philly homie you would be somebody personal punch dummy..

  • @Bodaga
    Get your s**t together. is as legit as they come! If Nike told you otherwise… they’re wrong. Whoever that was. This site is very, VERY cautious about fakes and we never post fake merch unless it’s a guide on how to AVOID them.

    Seems like you’re new to the game… but selling shoes earlier than RDs is how many people make a living.

    Accept that.

  • Mr_Kadillac

    Love the gradient. I wish these came with some laces with a blue to black gradient too. So far all I’ve heard is there possibly being a midnight release on All-Star Saturday for these similar to the Christmas editions but I doubt it.

  • I got a friend at nike that tools me that they drop on the 17th but not sure if its a mid night release

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  • IISavioRII




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