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Oct 18, 2010 at 12:55 am | lebron-viiishoes

Not good news. Jason Petrie – the lead designer on all LeBron’s sneakers since the VII – was interviewed during the Grand Opening of the House of Hoops Miami and things he said will not make sneakerheads happy. He explained a lot about the Nike LeBron 8 and that’s great, but he also touched on possible future colorways that the sneaker nation has been buzzing about for last couple days. Although he said expect the unexpected – apparently that’s Nike’s new motto – he also said what not to expect. Remember the HWC/NYK’s? JP has finally explained the inspiration and the Blue&Orange LeBron 8’s were made for the Cleveland Cavaliers if he had stayed with them. Apparently, Nike has made all sort of other styles personalized for other franchises. For example the White&Blue pair is the Dallas Mavericks colorway. The sad thing is… the chances of any of them releasing to public are slim… very slim. Check out the videos for yourself, which apart from the bad news is a good look.

  • NIck0919

    that sucks so that means the HWC colorway we all want we won’t get this month

  • FliGhT23IV

    like I said.. made for the cavaliers.. he has no ties to the new york knicks

  • [quote comment=”66580″]like I said.. made for the cavaliers.. he has no ties to the new york knicks[/quote]

    JP said only one pair was for the Cavs :) Maybe the other one was for the Knicks :D?! As he said it himself… they were ready for that. Anyway the most important thing is they’re all not dropping :(. Call em whatever you like, but I want to get some of those. I can’t get PEs so when they decide not to release them… it’s sad.
    I know there will be tons of other great stuff, but these will be missed.

  • mOe23

    I can’t wait to see more colorways. Let’s see what Jp’s up to the table. Sad to say again those nyk 8s cw weren’t reaching the counters like the AML7 hwc. :sad:

  • LBJ

    Dolphins 8s


    All Stars

  • jarchbold20

    When are they comin out??

  • michael

    I like jp swag hes on point wit the designs and knos wat the streets want as far as rockn a clean bball shoe he is to bron wat tink was to mj

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