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Sep 30, 2010 at 6:16 pm | lebron-viiishoes
  • FliGhT23IV

    Id say lebron is more like a vulture rather then a lion.. needing other people to help him on his “hunt”

  • Poop on you

    ^^^^^ lmao you such a hater. Take ur whack a$$ off this site if u gonna hate!!

  • Get the F@$% off this website you prick! You know nothing about winning especially at the highest, most competitive level!! I’d love you see you on the courts so I could block the S@#$ out of you on one side of the court and destroying your man hood with a vicious dunk on the other!!!!!! GO KING JAMES!!!!!!! :twisted: :mrgreen: :twisted: :mrgreen:

  • Jacob Snider

    Go King James. People do have a point, Lebron James has not won a national championship and they say he is the best player in the nba but ill promiss you this, he is getting him a victory this year!
    Heat all the way!

  • Juicy B~Dub

    Yes I wish they would just stop hating on Lebron. I would have liked for him to stay in Cleveland also but he left so just get over it already. As you all can see Cleveland did not give him anything He gave and brought joy to us for seven years. If Cleveland had not been in last place they would not have gotten him ANYWAY!!!!. Go for what you know and GET YOUR RING. :razz:

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