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Jul 10, 2010 at 1:49 pm | lebron-jameslifestyle

LeBron‘s got a new team. Seems like he was able to convince Mario Chalmers – the only player on Miami‘s roster besides the new Big Three – to give up his #6 jersey. But what about LBJ’s logo? Our ongoing poll features James’ previous Nike logos plus a mock up of his old LBJ23 with #6 in it. The custom LBJ6 has been very well received by fans, but check out yet another version, which also combines his old logo style, LBJ & #6. Personally, I think it’s been very well executed and although it’s just a custom concept made by since79 it looks very professional. I wouldn’t mind if Nike borrowed the design. Thanks to Spencer for sending the photo. Read author’s message.

The changing of LeBron James number from 23 to 6 would probably also spawn the changing of his logo used by Nike. I took a moment this morning after reading about him changing numbers to do up my idea of what it could be while keeping the spirit of the current logo mark. Since this was something that LBJ brought up in November of 2009, I would imagine that Nike probably already has a solid amount of design ideas created as they waited for this moment to come. We’ll have to wait and see.
New Logo Concept for LeBron James 6 8211 LBJ6 8211 Custom ProjectNew Logo Concept for LeBron James 6 8211 LBJ6 8211 Custom Project
  • phoenixphire

    a very good concept!!! Although since he is on a whole new team i would like to see something very different….to celebrate him coming to a whole different scene in Miami…just my opinion.

  • spencer gliko

    i personally love this logo. maybe use this and the dunkman for his line?

  • HELL YEAH! Nike Company should use this new logo! I’m liking these!

  • jr_lyon

    Its nice but I much rather prefer they borrow one of the logos posted right here on in the poll. I think if they should use the logo that looks just like the old one only with the #6

  • Got Rice

    I like it! It is simple, neat and unique.
    And is Lebron tryin’ to tell us that he wants at least six rings :!: :?:
    Let’s go Lebron!!! :grin:

  • mOe23

    The logo looks like small letter b with a crown ;-)

  • Red23

    It’s so wired about making a new logo so used to the 23 logo. everyone is asking why lebron change his number it’s because pat Riley retired mj’s number 23 at the arena that no one from the heat could use his number just out of respect to mj and plus lebron wants a new number to start fresh…..also I’m from Miami and went to the welcome party it was awesome me and Miami fans are still shock that we got lebron and bosh. :grin: :mrgreen:

  • sL82

    I don’t like it. I don’t mean to be blunt. But I think it lacks some soul or something like that. Please give more options. Thank you.

  • Natedogg

    Go with the dunkman logo :razz:

  • chris frausto

    i love that logo. His my freakin idol i will go with what he wants. oh by the way like the decision he made. :razz: GO LEBRON!!!

  • Dustin

    ;-) i love it ! king truly

  • NBAmaster

    I can see the L,B,J,6 on it.

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