The Summer of LeBron has Begun. Cleveland? New York? Chicago? »

Jul 1, 2010 at 8:46 am | around-the-nbalebron-james

Let the bidding and begging begin. The NBA’s free agency period has opened, with LeBron James leading perhaps the deepest group of players to ever hit the market. Teams could begin making their pitches at 12:01 a.m. ET Thursday, and some were getting started quickly. Things get interesting later Thursday, when the New Jersey Nets and Knicks are scheduled for visits to Ohio to meet with James, the two-time MVP who heads the class. It includes other All-Stars such as Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, Dirk Nowitzki, Amare Stoudemire and Carlos Boozer; veterans such as Shaquille O’Neal and Ray Allen; and young up-and-comers such as Rudy Gay and David Lee. “We’ve never had anything like this in my time that I can remember,” New Jersey Nets president Rod Thorn said. “There have been big-time free agents before, but never this many teams that are trying to woo them. So it’s unprecedented.” Talk of James’ destination seems to change by the minute. He was considered a lock for Chicago in one report, then seemingly guaranteed to head to Miami in another. The rumor mill spun so out of control that an online sports book simply stopped taking action on James’ next team. Bottom line: James can get perhaps $125 million over six years by staying in Cleveland or $96 million over five years if he goes. (The exact figures can’t be determined until next season’s salary cap is set in July). But leaving could put him in a better position to win a championship. Via ESPN. Continue reading for an illustration of LeBron James and all thirty NBA teams.

The Summer of LeBron has Begun Cleveland New York ChicagoThe Summer of LeBron has Begun Cleveland New York Chicago
  • Natedogg

    He stays in Cleveland otherwise he goes to another team and has to rebuild all over again

  • Afro_Angel_868

    no. 6 go to new york chose new york become a king of new york

  • rj

    Most likely, but Chicago has players to lure him. A Lebron Rose duo would definitely be better than whatever Lebron and Mo had in the past two years.

  • rj

    I’m agreeing with the first comment.

  • Lebronfan

    stay in cleveland please… you’re untrue to your words if you don’t bring a championship to cleveland, and this city need you more than the others do…about 30+ years your hometown doesn’t win any major sports league… stay a cavalier, demand for help in the city

  • Natedogg

    IMO If he goes to chicago then alls you will hear is comparisons of Jordan to Lebron no comparison 2 different players of the game

  • 4DRUMZ

    I hate this post… LoL :lol: I agree with Natedogg! He will never live down MJ comparisons if he goes to Chicago and if he doubles up with Wade people will always cast the NY Yankees mentality on them and say, “Couldn’t do it without Wade”. Lebron needs to take Cleveland on his back and earn his spot in NBA history by doing it in CLEVELAND!!! No comparisons and no compromises in joining a super group. Now, I’m all for a Bosh to Cleveland deal though!!!

  • daniel laguerre

    I am a Haitian who is crazy about you i would like to tell in honestly …..PLEASE STAY!!! :cry:
    Because you’re the best , and we wanted that you will be the champion of the 2011 playoff with cleveland only they lack a little game together in the team, that’s all…..

  • Daris

    I hope that he stays in Cleveland, but I think he’s headed to Chicago…hopefully I’m wrong.

  • Spalding

    New York :mrgreen:

  • Nene33

    [quote comment=”60823″]He stays in Cleveland otherwise he goes to another team and has to rebuild all over again[/quote]

    I’m sorry to say this, but they have to rebuild in Cleveland to, they lack a little quality on just about every position, and nearly all their players are overpaid after the Finals visit 4 years ago(after which they slowly been going downhill, sure the regular season went alright, but in the Playoffs, they’re nowhere near the quality they need to be to compete for the title)

    If he wants to win quickly, Chicago’s by far the best choice, they already have a team, that can make the Playoffs on their own, and with LeBron, and a 3-PT shooter, they’re probably the most complete team in the East.

  • NEEK

    in the blazers jersey bron bron looks like greg oden.. :shock: …………

  • Tudor

    The Knicks Jersey fits him best.

  • phoenixphire

    I dont know why Cleveland isnt trying to lure someone else to play along side Lebron? They have a great core team…just need one good big man then bam!! They can win it all!!

  • he is not leaving hed be a poser going to the bulls if he is that good he should stay and show that he is the best and wont take the easy way out :!: :!: :!: :mrgreen:

  • i hope 2 see lebron in dat cavs #6 jersey he got a great coach now byron scott plus shaq will sign back he might be old but u gotta 2 double team him including dwight howard have trouble guarding him. lebron will have a ring if he stay n cleveland mike brown couldn`t coach they were suppose 2 beat boston in 5 games lebron wasn`t aggressive enough in game 2 he took 13 shots & the sad about it the cavs got blew out & lebron got mvp in that game he was suppose 2 drop 40 to 50 points and every game they lost they had over 10 turnovers thats how they lost the series bad coaching & no lebron in those 4 games they lost. lebron is great player but if he wants 2 a ring in cleveland he gonna have 2 play jordan & kobe put 2gether he got everything a kid wants n basketball lebron james is a freak of nature he can do anything on the court. lebron can shoot,dribble,pass, play defense,block shots, he can jump so high, and he`s a team leader so u tell me who`s the best out of kobe or lebron. a championship means everything to lebron but n da playoffs he got 2 average over 35 points in a series to win a ring. if lebron goes anywhere besides he must not want a ring because bulls,knicks,nets,clippers, ad heat don`t have no coach or no bench every team that won a ring has a coach, a bench, and played team defense so lebron got everything n cleveland this year including a coach so all he have 2 do is be aggressive every night on the court & when the playoffs comes he should be angry & not satisfied until he makes 2 da nba finals & beat la lakers. thats we know he much he wants it if stays home he will get the victory & the gold trophy.


  • he went to heat :shock:

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