2010 NBA All-Star Game Preview: LeBron James’ Air Max VII »

Feb 14, 2010 at 3:22 pm | lebron-vishoes

There’s no greater scene to showcase your shoes than the NBA All-Star Game. Eveybody knows that. The players, the fans, the designers, and of course sneaker companies’ marketing teams. Each year marquee athletes sport some of the craziest colorways out there. This year, Nike did a great job utilizing Dallas‘ unique atmosphere on all of their ASG products. As for the shoes the inspiration is Texas western theme including a wood grain pattern inspired by ranches in the Dallas area. All of the graphics on the panels are 3M, which pop out whenever some light hits the shoes. Additionally, special leather patches on the insoles have a pattern of stars representing the number of times each of the teams have won the All-Star game. The make ups are very bright this year, which is also new this season. Instead of matching the shoes with the main color on the uniforms… Nike got more aggressive and focused on the secondary colors bringing the freshest colors to life. Only a few hours left till the game starts… check out LeBron’s personalized Air Max LeBron VII’s one more time. Tonight we finally get to see them in action. If you’re still looking for a pair click here (U.S.) or here (International).

2010 NBA AllStar Game Preview LeBron James8217 Air Max VII2010 NBA AllStar Game Preview LeBron James8217 Air Max VII2010 NBA AllStar Game Preview LeBron James8217 Air Max VII Show Album
  • James PHX Suns Fan

    They are awesome. I am gonna buy them. They look good. Cant wait to See East in Action. Go WEST. I want those so bad I will get them at the summer. good Luck LBJ get 60 Pts MVP of All-Star. Hope Amar’e StoudeMire Stays in PHX, But CLE pretty good If PHX Lose go Cavs. STAT is next step to win a title.

  • mathew gray

    dude i saw some guy werein them at the mall. i guess FTA was sellin the before they came to Fooflocker.

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