“LeBroninem” James – LBJ Goes “Forever” on the Lakers – Synced »

Jan 23, 2010 at 3:06 am | around-the-nbalebron-james

During Thursday’s match up did you notice LeBron’s singing during a timeout in crunch time against the Lakers? Yeah, me too. This was kind of cool. While videos from the game have been floating around the Internet yesterday… check out this new clip featuring LeBron synced up with Eminem’s portion of “Forever“. It’s good to be The King. Playing in the NBA and singing songs from your own movie… doesn’t get any better than this. Continue reading for both videos.

via Dime via BDL.
  • ICe CrEaM

    I’ve seen it during the game. Fantastic! Btw. where can I watch More Than a Game?

  • Gggggas

    Yeah I was watching him rap and getting pumped up sinking all following shots :cool:

  • ??

    I was watching the whole game and I remember watching LeBron James rapping that song

  • L23 With Big Z & Now AP!

    yea, i remember watching that and see him right on, theres also a nice forever mix on youtube!


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  • assasyn

    SVP mentioned Lebron “freestylin” on sportscenter…and from reading this and having the video synced up with a track it seems as though LBJ just busted out in song….Forever was actually playing in the arena at the time, LB was singing/rapping along. Just thought I’d clear that up.

    And to the first comment, More Than a Game is on DVD Feb 2nd

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