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Jan 18, 2010 at 5:23 pm | around-the-nbalebron-james

We already know how LeBron James’ 2010 NBA All-Star Shoes are going to look like. However, considering the bright colors used on the ASG VII’s it was difficult to imagine possible matching uniforms. Last year NBA did a rather futuristic design, but this time the new outfits are more traditional. There’s really not much to get excited about especially with the infamous 3-stripes placed on both sides. That ruins it for everybody, I think. There’s one big difference this year… while the East and West are sticking to their blue and red respective themes, for the first time, neither team will wear white as its base home color. Still, new uniforms are darker than Nike’s ASG shoes that have been floating around the Internet. Do you think it’s a good match? Or is it a good way to highlight the shoes alone?

Eastern Conference 2010 NBA AllStar Dallas Jersey by Adidas
  • two things:

    1. that uniform is ugly! 3-stripes? :roll:

    2. i have to write this – Lebron is a p%#@! not compete in the dunk contest after saying “lebron james gives you word”? f#@! that!

  • LeBron wanted the rules to change just like the old times.

    Also, this year’s line up is not that great. What can Lil Nate come up with this time?! Shannon is prolly gonna win.

  • Derozan!

  • Thomas

    I think the all star vii should be darker. It wil look weird all dark uniform with high lighter blue shoes. Uniforms need to be more exciting then that. Come on addis it’s the all star game!

  • brad b.

    wtf? LeBron’s not in the contest?…and i dont i know if anyone noticed this…but how do these jerseys match his asg shoes??

  • mOe23

    I agree on brad b. with avatar luk inspired AML7 just doesn’t match with the jersey, I personally though not liking it. Not much change of the last year’s design.

  • Melo22

    No offense but you guys are either retarded or not very colour coordinated.

    Ok you can highlight a dark jersey with a light accenting colour. Trust me together its going to look fucking sick on the court. you dont have to match exactly the same colours. In the all star game the point is to “shine” cuz its 1 game of the year so nike wanted theyere players to shine.

  • jr_lyon

    Last years jerseys were WAY better.

  • brad b.

    yea i was sayin they didnt match…not that they wouldnt look good..are you retarded?

  • where can i buy a all star 2010 jersey in the Philippines??

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