Introducing the Nike LeBron VII P.S. (Post Season?). A Retooled version of the AMLVII. »

Dec 25, 2009 at 4:28 am | lebron-viishoes

For the first time since the debut of the Nike Zoom Soldier line, LeBron James may change his post-season routine. In the past couple years he had us accustomed to the switch from the main signature shoe to one of the Soldiers. It all started with the Zoom 20-5-5, which was an introduction to the Playoff series. Some of the fans enjoy having two sigs during the course of one season, but others think it’s a disgrace to the numbered line. Seems like there’s a change coming to this pattern. Images of a re-tooled version of the VII have leaked to the Internet and while it’s clear it’s a modified Nike LeBron VII, the P.S. suffix is not that obvious. We’re guessing Post Season as it would fit our theory above, but that’s a wild guess at this point. Also, the technology inside remains unknown, but since there are no visible Air Max units we are thinking Zoom Air? That would be something. Stay tuned for more updates… what do you think about this idea of a new LeBron shoe?

Introducing the Nike LeBron VII PS Post Season A Retooled version of the AMLVIIIntroducing the Nike LeBron VII PS Post Season A Retooled version of the AMLVIIIntroducing the Nike LeBron VII PS Post Season A Retooled version of the AMLVII Show Album
  • Domaye

    I will cop the summit lake hornet joints

  • LE23RON

    This shoe is sick,but I can only feel right now the 1st CW,the others don’t look that tempting.
    They should change the outsole a bit though…

  • 4DRUMZ

    Maybe someone at Nike wised up and realized the Soldier IV design was HORRIBLE! This is nice… and I’m sure at a price-point that WAY more people can afford yet still get the general look of the VII while providing an endless array of TB CW’s … seriously, I hope this is replacing that lame Soldier IV design!

  • jr_lyon

    Zoom Air performs so much better, lets just hope thats what they are

  • Gggggas

    Am I the only one who sees a heel zoom bag through the outsole on the 1st cw?
    It is probably a Jason Petrie design looking at the midsole :razz:
    Looks interesting and surely much lighter than the AMLVII :mrgreen:

  • 4DRUMZ

    ^ Good catch on the visi-zoom! Anyone else notice the navy/white pair has a swoosh on the tongue instead of Bron’s sig?

  • dds010

    i like this idea but lebron should start wearing the original sig shoe in order to give them more value like playoff jordans do.

  • jr_lyon

    dds010 I agree. The should just make some super special ones for the post season. But I do see why Nike is doing what they are. They wanna make back every bit of the 90 million they gave to Lebron. He should be up for another Nike contract soon. Probably over 100 mil next time!!

  • dds010

    Jr_lyon…i too am aware of nike doing that too. They def needed to do it when the 2’s, 4’s and 5’s were selling so pathetically. I think Nike should retool the VII but have it look the same and with slight cosmetic changes and speacial colors. Jordans have flu games and such other shoes that share a place in ppls hearts and so should lebron

  • dds010

    For instance, Lebro should of been wearing a special mock-up of the VI’s last year when he hit the late sec shot against Orlando in the ECF

  • carry the lebron line.. drop the soldiers in the postseason. Like it.:) i hope they produce more CW of this version. and i hope Lebron wears this throughout the postseason specially the finals. Good Luck Cavs

  • LeBron

    :cry: they look like kobe’s shoes,they suck

  • tomas

    icey soles = autocop

  • @ the first pic, it’s a Jordan XII rip off LOL! :roll:

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  • Stefan

    look ugly please stay by the zoom soldier 4´s :mrgreen:

  • patrick

    This thing looks exactly like Nike Hyperize only with LB23 logos and thicker sole.

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