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Dec 1, 2009 at 2:04 am | shoeszoom-soldier-iv

First, let’s get one thing straight. The pics you saw last night are probably not the official version of the Soldier IV. We still don’t have a confirmation on that Lunar Rite shoe, but we asked Nike managers for the official statement and will provide updates once available. The easiest answer would be the Ambassador III, but it might be a re-tooled version of the LeBron VII – as some of you noticed a lot of similarities – for this year’s Playoffs. Ok, enough guessing… let’s get to the point. The actual Nike Zoom Soldier IV is pictured below. It comes with straps so seems like an obvious successor in the Soldier line. The cushioning setup consists of Zoom Air / Max Air combo, which would also be something new for LeBron James and us too. Which version do you like more? Lunar Rite LeBron sig of this ZS4?

Catalog Pics Presenting the ACTUAL Nike Zoom LeBron Soldier IVCatalog Pics Presenting the ACTUAL Nike Zoom LeBron Soldier IVCatalog Pics Presenting the ACTUAL Nike Zoom LeBron Soldier IV Show Album
  • jerome

    uuggglly… hope they redesign it.. I like the previous style of Soldier IV featuring zoom air and lunarlite

  • mOe23

    Plain, too simple! :sad: The black area in the straps looks like a replica of Air Jordan 20. Probably this might get along if they featured a better color like gradients, graffitis or sumting like they did in the Soldier 3 finals and The AML 7 birthday shoe, just from my opinion.

  • If you ask me they lack the WOW factor. I definitely need to see them in person in order to pass my final judgment, but I was hoping for something that would knock me off my chair. Hopefully, they are good for balling and more comfortable than they look. I do like the logo on the tongue though and the strap, of course.

  • JJDuB

    MAn THose Suck!!!
    Just Do The Lunarite Shoe Nike Or just at least release them…. the king dont wanna wear those garbage.. Lebron Should Have the authority to Choose his Shoe and im sure he’ll pick the lunarite one.. DAmn NIKE!!!!!

  • Marcel31190

    I don’t know, these shoes kinda look old… they don’t seem to be really flashy, like the most lebrons have been before…
    So i’d prefer the other ones any time, because the others kinda looked robust and really stylin, although they look more on the heavy side… i hope these are not the ones they’ll gonna pick. especially after the VII took a extraordinary step in the right direction
    Please Nike don’t do this!!!

  • Gggggas

    Definitely reminds me of the AML7 but it’s for sure not as flashy as well as interesting considering it’s look and setup. :???: Time will tell

  • Nene33

    The look is quite simple, but I like that for a Playoff shoe, it’s all about taking care of business.
    And the cushioning setup sounds good, a nice concession to the lighter guys, with the fore-foot Zoom, but maintaining that all important heel-cushioning.

  • 4DRUMZ

    BORING… it just screams “team shoe”. The Lunar model has PLAYOFFS written all over it!

  • Looks stranger… i like the ZLS IV with Lunar Rite

  • jr_lyon

    If you ask me the only Soldiers that looked decent were the Soldier II. Why would Lebron want to were shoes in the playoffs that look like crap. You’d think he’d want something special for the playoffs

  • Gggggas

    I totally agree with 4DRUMZ. BORING is what comes in my mind.. :???:

  • l0v3kicksz23

    They look like al harrington’s eww

  • Stefan

    NICE !!!!!! :mrgreen:

  • NeDe23

    kinda….just a little…looks like the air yeezy. its that bandage man!

  • Will

    Wow these are ugly.. I don’t want LeBron wearing these when the Cavs win the championship in 2010… I’d rather the other ones.. the Lunarite ones..

  • yea i dnt wanna c these in finishline (trash) :mad:

  • Blah! Ugly as!

  • Stefan

    I hope they will come in stores!!!!!
    The first time i saw them i just say “WOOOOOWWWW”
    I hope Lebron will win the championship in this shoes!!!
    NICCCEEEEEEE :grin: :mrgreen:

  • THE LUNAR RITE!!!! :mrgreen:

  • LBJ623

    :???: :???: :x :| ugly thats all i can say

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