Breaking News! Nike Air Max LeBron VII Hits Nike iD Today! »

Sep 29, 2009 at 1:29 pm | lebron-viishoes

What’s up LeBron fans? Did the More Than a Game Artist Series of the Nike Air Max LeBron VII inspire you to design on your own? Are you tired of looking at endless Player Exclusive colorways that are impossible to get? Well… here’s your chance to take matters into your own hands. Although the options, materials, and colors will most likely be limited, the Nike Air Max LeBron VII will hit Nike iD later today, which has been confirmed with Nike Reps. Stay tuned for more information. In the meantime what do you think about this move? Are you excited to design your own pair of Nike LeBron shoes or would you prefer them to stay untouched? UPDATE: Sorry folks… Nike Reps got it wrong somehow :(. We will investigate this matter and provide updates as soon as possible.

Breaking News Nike Air Max LeBron VII Hits Nike iD Today
  • 107

    they will not be on ID…

  • I like the idea of Lebron on ID, as long as Nike gives us real options on customizing them.

    I can see this hurting General release sales alot.

    guess we will see in a few hours. and Greg this is 100% confirmed?


  • dds010

    I couldnt find them on Nike ID website

  • Dude that is false information they are no where to be found on Nike ID

  • dds010

    yea there no where on the website

  • there not on nikeid until 2:00 PST/5:00 EST.


  • Actually the hour may change, but it should be today. Keep your eye peeled people :razz:

  • tomas

    F5 F5 F5 F5……they should atleast let me play around with the custom colors so i can just buy the f-ing things when thy pop up

  • chrischi

    Hope they are available in Europe too, if yes, they will be ordered this night. :shock:

  • dds010

    what do i go to to see them

  • 107

    not gonna happen…

  • GHuang

    if they come out with nike ID, that would be sick,
    but it would prob cost $180

  • RaNdZ4937

    ID before the GR even drops?!

  • brett

    there still not there

  • LoveThyChalk

    I’m starting to lose hope mainly cause I realize that Nike would not release the ID’s before they released the GR. Just think how long it took for the Kobe IV to be put up there after a ton of GR’s released.

  • you guys are acting like the VII can’t be found already.

    with all the Tour pairs and China’s on ebay if people really wanted them they would have bought them by now.

    And just because we can NikeID them now doesn’t mean were gonna be seeing them before the GR releases.

    The GR releases in less than a month, NikeID’s usually take atleast a month make and ship to you so it’s not like your gonna have them in hand before the GR hit’s the streets.

  • UPDATE :!: :!: :!:


  • Nene33

    :lol: Usually I believe in mistakes, but with Nike’s faux-naivety lately, and the certainty with which this news came out, I got a feeling this was a (very successful) hype-attempt.

  • 4DRUMZ

    Yeah, any NikeID order wouldn’t ship until the GR release but that really doesn’t matter. I’m already sick of seeing the MTAG’s. I WANT more info. on the black/green if anyone has it? NikeID would be a great idea instead of unloading on so many CW’s this year. Do a solid job of minimal CW’s and then let cats go and mix-up!!! If they ever put em’ up you are looking at a steep steep ticket since the GR price-point is $170. An iD would easy be $200+ and a that price they may be rarities!

  • Justin

    If any wants the lebron 7 china edition (white/gold) c let me know

  • Harl3m

    Lebron Air max 7 will hit Nike ID on 11/01/09, told from a guy who works for them

  • ;-) good shoes

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