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Sep 17, 2009 at 4:21 pm | around-the-nbalebron-james

The previous NBA Season was an unforgeable experience for the Cleveland Cavaliers and LeBrons James’ fans. The best recond in the NBA. Check. The Most Valuable Player Award for LBJ. Check. Rewriting the history in city of Cleveland with tons of records broken and the redefinition of The Shot 2.0. Check. Too bad the ending wasn’t as spectacular, but let’s hope the next season will be better. We wanted to make sure that the highlights mix commemorating the 2008-2009 campaign would be worthy of telling the story. Thanks to one of our readers in Poland, we came across this amazing video called “Put On For My City”. Don’t turn it off when you’ll hear the music, cause although it’s Britney Spears (not every mix has to have hip-hop soundtrack) the synchronization with the highlights is simply amazing! The producers (Spald Production) had to put in a lot of effort to achieve this, but the end product is a beauty to watch. Turns out there was even a trailer back in June and it’s also a treat. Enjoy!

  • JD

    Best LeBron Mix I’ve seen so far and all of this is from just last season that’s crazy, LBJ is truly one best ever and the Cavs will do better this 2010 postseason. When I read the title I was expecting Jeezy but I gotta say the Britney Spears twist didn’t make it less enjoyable I give 6 stars.

    :shock: Fav Dunk at 1:22 the catch between 2 defenders, moving that fast and no dribble Amazing!
    :lol: Fav Block at 4:34 insane block you can see James timing it as soon as he passed half court oh yeah watch Ray Yikes!
    :cool: Fav Shot at 5:08 to beat the buzzer (I think against ATL) from that deep is impressive enough but he did a step back move before the shot. Who does a step back that deep? Definitely Cool!

  • JD

    My fav 3 plays might not be the best dunk, block or shot but with so much to choose from in 5:58 this highlight mix is really Stunning!

  • Kenneth

    :shock: WoW!!! The Best Ever!! Where can i download a full HD of this?… pls pls pls… i rate this 12/10!!!! :roll: :lol: :shock:

  • spald

    Hey ! I’m really glad to find my mix on this marvelous site. Thanks everyone for comments.

    2 Kenneth: There is only SD-version (720×400-3400kbps-160mb)
    Here are the links if you want

  • Kenneth

    SPald!!! Maraming salamat talaga!!!(Thank you very much in Tagalog)
    This is the Best ever!!!More power to you man!!!God Bless!!!

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