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Jul 21, 2009 at 3:03 am | lebron-viishoes

Resources on the Internet are endless. Sometimes you may learn amazing things in the weirdest places. Just like today when we came across this Max LeBron VII photos on Flickr. Apparently, Flicker’s cynroux is an artist, who received a pair of all white LeBron 7’s to do a custom paint job for some Nike project. The only thing coming to mind right now is… will they drop like this? They look hella clean!!! Thanks for info to Niketalk‘s us3Less.

Unusual Nike Max LeBron 7 Sighting on Flickr Pure WhiteUnusual Nike Max LeBron 7 Sighting on Flickr Pure White
  • Zach13g

    wow just noticed the girls in the pic both have right shoes on….

    that means they at least got 2 pairs then.

    so cool…

  • Yeah I also noticed that :cool:

    Prolly because it’s a painting job… things can go wrong, lol. It’s nice to have a back up :D

  • tomas

    im just relieved to see the absence of flywire on yet another sample

  • tomas

    also, Cynroux is the chick on the right i think – a pretty bad-a$$ tattoo artist. this if from her blog

    A few weeks ago, I received an email asking if I?d be interested in working with Nike as a local DC Artist and, as part of a promotion of ?More Thank a Game? and a new shoe. I was asked to illustrate the body of two pair of shoes. One pair would be presented to Mr. James for his collection and one would be auctioned off for charity. Several DC artists had been approached and given a theme of both DC and Community.

    I emailed back and asked if this was a joke. I?m surrounded with pranksters, and one of you may have just been bored, as far as I knew.

    There was a little back and forth and I finally said, sure, send me the shoes. Still thinking it was a joke, of course.

    Until the biggest shoes I have ever seen arrived.

    They?re huge. They?re pristine. And I get to paint them.

    More to come?.

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