King James Wearing the Nike Air Max LeBron VII at AU »

Jul 7, 2009 at 1:00 am | lebron-viishoes

The best way to end all speculations about the upcoming LeBron James signature shoe is to get a confirmation from the King himself. That’s what happened last year when he introduced The Six as we know it today during the Beijing Olympic Games. Seems like he’s back from his Europe vacation as he’s been tracked down by NikeTalk‘s thekillerj23 at the University of Akron. LBJ is back at the gym, but check out his shoes. They look exactly like the Nike Air Max LeBron VII we’ve been writing about.

King James Wearing the Nike Air Max LeBron VII at AU
  • brett

    still gonna get them to ball in,but ill miss the casual look

  • Wiktor

    this colorway sucks!
    all white with lil bit red – yes!

  • mOe23

    Geez, looks like James himself approve the 7th sig. But it seems not much of the cavs colorway, shade of red and white. Let’s see what LBJ’s :mrgreen: new shoe designer would come up to the table. . .

  • i think they would be better in an differnt coloers but they look hot like tht

  • tomas

    please let this shoe not come out in 24 colorways…my pockets cant take another year of it…

    but it looks good, hopefully we see some final renderings sooner than later….

  • Rich

    I dont know what happened to my lost post but I go to school at The University of Akron and lastnight as I was walking across campus a white benz pulls up. The license plate read “Kng of Ak”. Next thing I know Lebron Mo Williams, and Romeo Travis got out of the car. :shock: I about lost it. After I talked to them for a minute, I asked Lebron about the shoes he was wearing in the photo above. I asked him if they were going to be the new VII’s and he said “yeah dat be them” If Lebron is calling the shots then there it is….confirmation from the king himself

  • @Rich

    Thanks for sharing!!!

    It must be nice to meet LBJ in person.

  • mj


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