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Jul 3, 2009 at 8:44 am | around-the-nbalebron-james

“My motto is very simple,” O’Neal said. “‘Win a Ring for the King.” Shaquille O’Neal debuted in Cleveland on Thursday with a stated goal for next season. His friend LeBron James craves a championship, and O’Neal is here to serve. The 15-time All-Star center with four NBA titles was bedecked in a black suit, pink shirt and pink tie for an introductory news conference that might as well have been billed The Shaq Show. Acquired last week in a blockbuster trade with the Phoenix Suns, O’Neal was welcomed by a team that believes he can bring this title-thirsty region its first major pro sports crown in 45 years. The 37-year-old O’Neal has one season at $21 million left on a five-year, $100 million contract. However, early in his remarks he said, “I’ve got three years left in my career,” perhaps an initial attempt to persuade the Cavaliers to extend his deal past 2010. “I have a lot left,” he said. “There’s only four or five good centers in the league and I’m in that number. … I’ve been in it [the NBA] for 17 years but I’ve missed three years because of injury. If you do the math, I’ve still got three years left. You got that?” O’Neal has no concerns about Ohio’s climate. His only focus is on warming James with a title. “It’s LeBron’s team,” he said. “He’s the captain. This is the time in my career where I can fit in. I’m now in the security business. My job is to protect the King, and that’s what I’m here to do.” James has been vacationing with his family and did not attend O’Neal’s news conference. The superstars have exchanged e-mails and O’Neal plans to visit James this summer. O’Neal joked that his trade to Cleveland made his family happy. “My sons love LeBron more than they love me,” he said. “I’m just a little jealous about it.” Now that he’s on a new team, O’Neal needs a new nickname. His previous monikers: The Big Diesel, The Big Aristotle. The Big Cactus, Shaq Fu, don’t fit his new digs. So, has he come up with one? What about The Big Witness?! Source:,

Shaq in Cleveland 8211 New Motto 8220Win a Ring for the King8221Shaq in Cleveland 8211 New Motto 8220Win a Ring for the King8221Shaq in Cleveland 8211 New Motto 8220Win a Ring for the King8221Shaq in Cleveland 8211 New Motto 8220Win a Ring for the King8221Shaq in Cleveland 8211 New Motto 8220Win a Ring for the King8221
  • Harl3m

    What about “Witness Protection” ?

  • AKOO

    haha i like the witness protection. Shaq actually looks pretty good in the cavs jersey. Go Cavs (lebron and shaq and maybe mo)!!

  • KING 23


  • KING 23

    Shaq is The Big Witness!!!
    Hey guys…how can i change the country?
    im not fron ukraine…im from Italy damn!

  • lBJ

    Im feelin the witness protection…real nice…also check out the new lebron clothes that just dropped at ndc….some nice lookin stuff..

  • 4DRUMZ

    My vote is for WITNESS PROTECTION but that was floating around FaceBook the last couple days!

    LeShaq anyone :?:

    BroNeil :?:

  • damn i didnt know shaq was in that kinda shape… he looks very young and strong…a great addition to all the kings men

  • titans fRom maniLa

    shaQ’s in a gReat ConditiOn… i beLieve in him… ChampiOnship no. 1 on the way.
    i’ve Read an aRtiCLe that said shaQ’s gon be caLLed the “Big Freeze” beCause of the weatheR/cLimate in cLeveLand.

    but “Witness pRoteCtiOn” is moRe Like it
    keep the faith… GO CAVS!!!!

  • afro_angel_8686

    ey shaq’s new nickname could be THE BIG KNIGHT coz every king has a knight that is to protect him and help him to win a championship ring :cool:

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