King James on Vacation in St. Tropez – “Check My $tats” »

Jun 24, 2009 at 9:44 am | lebron-jameslifestyle

A few days after sporting the LBJ MVP tee in NYC, LeBron James was spotted in St. Tropez wearing another shirt including a special message. New ways of communicating with media and fans are very creative. Whether it’s twitter, facebook or status tees. We won’t even bother to break down this message. I guess the whole fun is about free interpretation. Remember, nobody in this world is really humble. Via TMZ.

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  • Tudor32

    Hope he enjoys his vacation. :cool:

  • Ariel

    wtf he on vacation he should be in the GYM work out and get better hello be on vacation is not going to help …….wake up LEBRON JAMES

  • AKOO

    dude he could be better than mj but thats not gonna help when his team sucks ass

  • brad b.

    Yo Ariel? chill out. everyone needs a vacation so shut the %$% up

  • Hogie

    LeBron, seriously, wtf are you thinking!?!?!? He is making it harder and harder everyday for me to like him.

  • Hogiee and ariel chill the fu** out!!! everything the king does for his team you dont think he deserves a vacation. And i like the message he’s sending with his t-shirt.If theres any haters out there that like to talk sh*t they can suck 1 and chech his stats…bottom line is All HAIL THE KING!!!

    WITNESS 23

  • chknwing

    yo f*uck the haters. lebron is king!!!

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