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Jun 3, 2009 at 3:20 am | around-the-nbalebron-james

After a dissappointing loss in the ECF, LeBron James walked off the court without shaking hands or congratulating any of the Orlando Magic players and skipped the media conference afterwards. Two days ago NBA annouced they won’t fine him for blowing off reporters after Game 6 of the Eastern Conference finals, however, he’s been widely criticized for the act. He attributed it to his competitive nature, but that hasn’t stopped the backlash. For the most part, James has been a model citizen. He’s polite, accessible, generous with his time and money, and plays hard every night. Now 24, he’s handled the spotlight and the comparisons to Michael Jordan since his junior year of high school with poise. On Sunday, he said he sent an e-mail to Howard following Saturday’s game. Read on to find out more and give your opinion on the subject.

“It’s hard for me to congratulate somebody after you just lose to them,” he said. “I’m a winner. It’s not being a poor sport or anything like that. If somebody beats you up, you’re not going to congratulate them. That doesn’t make sense to me. I’m a competitor. That’s what I do. It doesn’t make sense for me to go over and shake somebody’s hand.” When asked about LeBron’s disappearing act, Howard said he received a congratulatory, late-night e-mail and didn’t sound too vexed. “I just thought he would have said something to me, or said something to the team. He’s probably upset, probably hurt and understand that, respect it. One day we’ll see each other,” he said, “and I’ll have to wait until then.” NBA commissioner David Stern says he has reached out to LeBron James about James’ refusal to speak with the media after the Cleveland Cavaliers were eliminated from the Eastern Conference finals. Stern is withholding judgment and not ready to makes his views on the incident public, but he acknowledged he was not pleased that James, the league’s reigning MVP, didn’t meet with the media, or shake hands with the Orlando Magic, following the Game 6 loss Saturday night. What James did offended old-school sensibilities, to be sure, but it also sent the wrong message to the guys playing against and especially alongside him at the moment. Was James wrong? Should he have recognized Howard and the Magic after the game? Get at us in the comment box below. Source: ESPN, NYTimes.

  • Harl3m

    I think it was a bit disrespectful and unsportsman like. I understand the point he was trying to make when he said he is a competitor. I think he should have acknowledge the magic whether he shook hands or even a wave or thumbs up in their direction.

  • mOe23

    We all know and understand that pain is too hard to endure esp to James, to think Cavs were the the no.1 seed overall this season, he wins the MVP, they break many records its so much pain that achieving this through James’ effort was ended dramatically. That cap Lebron was wearing is loud enough to say NY might be the next destination if next season won’t be his championship year!

  • james

    I don’t know…although it’s a tough pill to swallow [losing like that int he playoffs] and James is a great player, he shouldn’t have done what he did. He shouldn’t still congratulated them and then walk away. Not talking to the reporters and fans, is understandable, but you have to be sportsman like. Hopefully he’s learned his lesson that although you may have the best record in the NBA, get MVP and break all records for your franchise, it does not give you the right to win a championship. Hopefully they can regroup and try again.

  • w1tness_this

    enough already! why is everybody making a big deal about this sh*t! its the medias fault they r over hyping this sportsmanship sh*t its no different than when Zeke n the bad boys bounced on the bulls. Its just that Bron is soo likeable and wears the crown that you clowns cant accept that he’s still a real n*gga about it all. Big ups to Bron for keeping it real! and tell Dav Stern to shut the hell up and move on!

  • martin podzikowski

    he’s a punk that does not know the definition of a winner, as he claims to be. first off, what has he won? second, winners take their losses with respect for the other team. third, winners do not pose for the cameras and make contrived faces after scoring a bucket. lebron could learn a few things about being a “winner” by watching film of barry sanders–score the touchdown and hand the ball off to the ref. it always seems to me that the people who cry about being disrespected are usually the same people that give no respect.

  • lol… it was pretty disrespectful but i aint too worried about it, i am actually commenting on Greg’s post when you put “He?s polite, accessible, generous with his time and money, and plays hard every night.” It is just funny because hey the guy is great at ballin and has cool shoes but don’t make him into something he’s not. His only goal is to be the richest athlete (this was said in an interview on ESPN) well he didnt say it was his only goal but his main one. and i live in cleveland so i would be happy to see what he generously does with his money. They guy is worth in the range of 350-400million and one of our Cleveland receivers, Braylon Edwards, who is net worth maybe 15-20Million? Has done more for the growing problems of cleveland education, yeah hes a cool bball player and fun to watch, but he aint no savior, hes a fuckin leprechaun sittin on his gold makin sure no one gets it. (sorry for all you who think im a hater and dont know what your talkin about… i just speak the truth)

  • w1tness_this

    and with all these comments posted… still no one really gives a sh*t “LOL” “LMAO”

  • Tomas

    it is a big deal…he needs to be a man and congratulate the better team. i personally dont care and im sure Howard and the Magic werent too bothered seeing how they were going to be playing in the finals…BUT still, you gotta stay classy…or you’re just another AI…

  • Myke_BeeZY23

    i dont blame lebron at all, its very difficult to congratulate a team that jus ended yoour season
    it was childish yet very understandable why he did what he did

  • Sharrod

    KOBE BRYANT didnt shake the hands of the Suns players after game 7 when the Suns came back on the Lakers from down 3-1 in 2007, but did anybody make a big deal about it, NO! And im surprised at how much criticism Lebron is gettin from not shakin howards hand instead of not talkin to the media because not shakin somebody hand in the playoffs after you get eliminated is NOTHING NEW! It happens EVERY year by star players and none-star players. It seems that Lebron HAS to not only be a perfect player but a perfect human being. NOBODY’S perfect! I swear man, u can do 99 good things, but if u make ONE freakin mistake, people just want to JUMP on you! But i think lebron is gettin jumped on so much is because he’s the best player on the planet AND the face of the NBA, and they want him to hold the freakin standard of being perfect like he usually is, which is impossible! I think lebron carries himself in such a high-standard way that people just can’t wait til he makes a mistake, so they can jump on it. :roll:

  • 23shoefinder

    First time we see him after the series and it’s in an NY hat…statement?

  • jamal brown

    martin podzikowski barry sanders is not a winner…HE NEVER WON A SUPER BOWL, you don’t have to shake hands in the NBA it’s not a rule and not a breach of contract. He has to speak to the media not to the other team, that’s what the media should be fussing about but ppl in an imperfect world look to ridicule the good…barry sanders aint no winner, do u kno wut team he played for?!?!

  • 23xWITNESSx23

    Hey this is the only thing LeBron has done wrong during his career, he’s a 24 year old guy, cut him a little slack, he isn’t god and he won’t always be a perfect rolemodel. If this is all we can criticize him about then I think he’s doing pretty damn good.

  • Aussie Bron Fan

    Hey haters, i believe everything he said, and if i was the best team in the nba this season and i didn’t win it all, i would be damn disappointed too, compete at the highest level or **** off some place, nobody wants to denied greatness, neither does lebron, he will be back next season doing his thing, hopefully the rest of the cavs are too, ohh and thanks to the media for blowing this sh*t out of proportion, without lebron to take the fall, u wouldn’t be fishing for the next big headline, so i am glad ur all getting paid on his behalf.

  • I think it’s been blown out of proportion. I do the same thing afer some heart breaking losses. I don’t hug with opponents. I know others might not respect that, but that’s who I am.

    King James is a role model for a lot of people that’s why he’s been widely criticized, but it’s not that big of a problem.

  • witness what?

    Lebron is a sore loser, no excuses. I wish all the lebron lovers out there will follow lebron’s example and teach their kids to never shake hands or congratulate their opponent after losing and use the excuse that its because they are winners. has a great article written by david aldridge which says that even boxers after getting their ass knocked out still congratulate the winner. So you lebron fans think its actually ok to walk off, then lets just get rid of the tradition all together in all sports like tennis, soccer, etc, see what will happen then you idiots. The guy is a cocky punk to don a yankees cap so soon after the loss, its bad timing at the very least.

    Having said all that A.I told lebron that the moment he does something bad, the fans will turn on him just like with kobe. imagine the outcry if lebron ever does something like that. The guy is a typical egotistical cocky nigga with lots of money, should have lots of fun with kanye, TO, jay-z, mayweather and all the others that no one likes.

  • rj

    from what i remember lebron didn’t shake hands the pistons after the cavs got eliminated back in 2006, neither when the celtics won against them last year, but didn’t skip the media, so is that what everyone’s getting worked up about? he’s done the no “good luck next round” before, so why’s everyone making a big deal of it now?


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