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May 11, 2009 at 1:41 am | lebron-jameslifestyle

On Saturday Nike released a new commercial featuring their two NBA stars – Kobe Bryant and LeBron James – as puppets! Both LBJ23 and KB24 are arguably the best basketball players in the post-Jordan era. Over the last 4 years they have split All-Star MVPs between each other (two a piece). Also, the MVP award for the regular season went to Kobe (last year) and LeBron (this year). Both All-Stars reached the NBA Finals (Kobe in 2008, LeBron in 2007), but failed to capture the ultimate goal. Now they are hungrier than ever. Everybody is rooting for the NBA Finals confrontation. Apparently, Nike is also expecting this. This new spot is called “Chalk”, but new versions will follow soon.

  • Jerome

    this is so funny!!! wahahaha… :razz: so thats why the cavaliers are sweeping their way through the playoffs because the king is excited. :razz:

    hey kobe looks so wise in this commercial. way to go NIKE! Lets gO CAVS! GO Lets go LAKERS! Give us one heck of a finals to remember…

  • This was hilarious :mrgreen: !

    more info found on CavFanatic:
    “Kobe Bryant was named after Kobe Beef…its a japanese food….the gag was he was calling it 20$ Chinese food though….lol….thats why lebron was saying “Beef and Broccoli” “20$ Chinese Food””

  • method526

    it’s funny but it makes lebron look like a total idiot

  • 416

    haha thats so true^^^ but its poking fun at his lack of playoff experience compared to KB24

  • [quote comment=”29874″]haha thats so true^^^ but its poking fun at his lack of playoff experience compared to KB24[/quote]
    I wouldn’t say lack, but whatever.

    One thing could make this better. They should have used Kobe’s and LeBron’s actual voices. Then it would be PERFECT. Can’s wait for new episodes :D

  • akoo


  • Frank

    funny… but as a lbj fan, im not liking it

  • jl

    i liked this one but i liked The LeBrons even more. Those were the best commercials

  • lightbyte001

    I laugh my ass off every time i here this line from the vid, ” you done yet?” * sees mountains of chalk all over* ” done yet? Im just gettin started!!!!” LOL

  • lightbyte001

    Opps i warched the vid again……. LMAO

  • mOe23

    THIS IS AWESOME FUNNY!! :mrgreen:
    And even the shoes they sported ZS3 POP haha.
    This vid is very funny! Hope they win the title! Go Cavs

  • J-Ho

    I can’t speek english well,can anyone explane me the meaning of this commercial? :)

  • shoenobi

    is that keenan thompson playin the voice-over 4 LB??

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