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May 5, 2009 at 3:18 pm | lebron-viishoes
Take this for what it’s worth. This is the first pic of the Zoom Lebron VII, in GS size. The adult version will say Max Lebron VII. Now I know this design might get scrapped, because we all remember what happened with the VI. I was the one to post the actual pic of the VI, but then was redesigned. So we’ll see what happens with this design which I like alot! Enjoy!! Color: 375793-001, Retail: $100 (adults will cost $160), Release date: 12/1.

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NIKE ZOOM LEBRON VII First Pic 8211 Grade School Sample
  • gogolbj

    it’s okay. Scrap it. Following the season lebron has had this shoe would be a disgrace to something like the vi’s which are great shoes.Okay isn’t good enough. Lucky number 7 c’mon. Make this shoe the best of the lebron signature line. :???:

  • L23 With Big Z

    DO NOT LIKE IT! Im sorry to everyone who actually likes this but, wheres the Lion Logo with the crown on the tongue? wheres the L23 logo, why flywire!? Maybe its just me..and I hope this isn’t the final design!

  • Frank

    ^^ totally agree

    It’s not bad …but it’s not great either. This isn’t a LeBron (or MVP) caliber shoe. PERIOD. I can’t imagine nike would keep this design. It would be an insult to the King

  • melo_22

    :evil: This looks like a generic shoe :mad: to me. I think they could have done a much better job. Another dissapointment from LBJ x Nike.

  • melo_22

    Although just like everyone hates on initial pcitures when nike advertises this and markets this and makes it look amazing. YOU WILL ALL BUY IT GURANTEED lol. :grin:

  • lightbyte001

    this shoe makes me throw up it is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hideous

  • jj

    #@$# as %$#,could have done better, remember the 4’s. make history not shit!!!

  • jj

    fly wire is over rated and $#@? %$#%

  • Jayson


  • idk

    guys this is probally only a little sketch of what the real lebron vii will look like give them sometime to mix the designs

  • derich3

    yeah these joints r garbage change this designs pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • akoo

    For ballin this is a true hardcourt shoe. As for casual wear they went 180 on the design as compared to the 6. Even though i dont like this much i would prolly cop a pair just cuz but i definitely think that nike was on a good run with the 6 why ruin it.

  • linlihao

    I am a Chinese . I do not like this VII

  • method526

    this shoe looks like a hybrid of the hyperdunk and the blue chip. it doesnt have that unique LEBRON feeling. definitely not copping unless design is changed.

  • 4DRUMZ

    zoom BB’s have already been made… Kobe rocks the flywire… this is a NO GO for LBJ. NOW… if you’ve checked the technology of the Air Max 2009 running shoe you will see that this new air max technology is off the charts SICK!!! If they keep anything they need to keep that new max unit!

  • mOe23

    Is that a flywire?? Oh disgusting. LeBron is playing to an MVP caliber and is elevating his game to a new level. Bron is around 6’8” or 6’9” and weighs around 240-250. Still the Zoom Air cushion is better. PERIOD!!

  • Wiktor

    whats so special about this shoe? NOTHING!
    maybe they wanna made them in gold colorway … but still will be wack!
    we don’t want this!!!!!!!

  • I.C.EE

    i tink everyone should calm down do yall not see that is says it is GRADE SCHOOL SIZE!!! we all know that the adult size always looks way better the kids size. wait till the mens size pic leaks it bet the will look a hella better then these which dnt look too bad

  • phoking4lif

    why did they make it a max air?
    it looks like a hyperdunk and zoom bb child

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  • neil

    hope there would be other alternative designs..i dont like it..

  • king23fan

    the king will dragged to hell if he wears it… :evil:

  • deonte_ward

    the shoe looks a little unlike all the other lebron shoes but im sure its comfortable and ill probaly be one of the first to buy them(lebron VII)

  • 123rockstar

    I love the red-black colorway of Lebron VII. And the pressence of the 360 sole. But not the much on the flywire…except that it is light. :smile:

    Since lebron helped/contributed in making the design we cant argue with the person who will use it…thats Lebron himself. :roll:

    8 out of 10.

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