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Feb 20, 2009 at 4:52 pm | lebron-vishoes

When LeBron James unveiled the Nike Zoom LeBron VI United We Rise in Beijing, very little was known about its future. That was long before any of the VIs hit the stores. Later, it turned out that all models will feature The Six on the top of the tongue instead of the VI logo, that was seen on the promo catalog picture. That adds up to two different UWRs. However, Nike wanted to commemorate USAB’s Gold Medal in 2008 Summer Olympic Games, so they released a special WITNESS GOLD pack with additional Gold details and exceptional packaging. That’s three. This still ain’t over, cause thanks to our reader – LE23RON – it turned out that the very first model, which King James wore during one of his practice sessions in Beijing, is also a little different. Look closely as it sports a Light Blue outsole opposed to the Dark Navy, which was used for all other versions. Photos of four United We Rise VIs after the jump.

4 x United We Rise VI 8211 PE Sample Witness Gold GR4 x United We Rise VI 8211 PE Sample Witness Gold GR4 x United We Rise VI 8211 PE Sample Witness Gold GR4 x United We Rise VI 8211 PE Sample Witness Gold GR Show Album
  • j. ViLLA

    looks more light grey to me than light blue. but good eyes on spotting that out!

  • LE23RON

    Thanks G. was waiting for long time to get a post on your site.And j. ViLLA thanks man,invested a lot of hard work to make sure.

  • o wow

    its still a lebron pair no matter wat

  • LoveItLive

    Dude acts like this is the greatest find ever! :roll: LOL Invested lots of hard work.. get a life bro!

  • The Truth


    AHAHAHHAHAHAHHA WOOOOOOOW big deal man im a huge LBJ shoe fan but wow man.

  • Kobe Bryant ! No lebron

    Yea like who gives a crap about a mini color change it’s not like anyone cares.

    P.s. I was only kidding about my name lebron is waaaaayy better than Kobe

  • itrjordan

    I have to double check at home, but I swear my pair of Witness Golds is 38/114. And the pair pictured is either 30,36,or 38. I thinking it looks more like a 30/114. But that’s crazy if it ends up being my pair.

  • xZooMx

    The Witness Gold number is 39

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