Taxi Nike Zoom LeBron Six to Debut in New York on Feb. 4th »

Feb 2, 2009 at 3:12 pm | lebron-vishoes

We announced this shoe – Taxi ZL6 – couple weeks ago. Although not everybody is very fond of the LeBron James X New York idea, whether it’s the possible trade or just the shoes, Nike keeps on making new LBJ sneakers exclusive to NYC. The upcoming Taxi Zoom LeBron VI is inspired by one of New York’s famous attributes. Last year, it was the NY Yankees, then it was the Big Apple and now it’s the Yellow Taxi Cab. The Taxi Six will be released the day after tomorrow at the House of Hoops (NYC – 268 W 125th Street), as well as several other Footlocker stores around the city. Also, LeBron James is expected to wear this limited colorway the same day, as the Cavs take on the Knicks at the MSG. So if you’re a LeBron fan, or basketball fan, or New York fan, or sneakers fan, or even taxi fan, be sure to ask your friend for a hook up or prepare to pay resell prices on eBay several hours after the release.

Taxi Nike Zoom LeBron Six to Debut in New York on Feb 4th Show Album
  • iGotshoes06

    hmm! … unless LeBron & the Cavs are going to be wearing the Steelers uni’s I doubt he’ll be lacing these boys up in NYC “?”?”?”?”

  • Lebron James

    these r sweeeeetttt

  • witness123

    damn these r uglyy
    even tho im mad close 2 the HoH i still wont b gettin them

  • 4DRUMZ

    May seriously limit what you wear (unless your reppin’ the STEELERS) but this is the best CW yet! :shock:

  • L23 With Big Z

    Whats he rockin em’ with?? Red jersey or navy blue?? Probably Navy, it looks better. Btw the shoes are Ok… Not really feelin’ them :!: :!:

  • ENDs

    its the colors that r makin me not like these, but hey exclusive kicks always catch my attention sooner or later, if i can hustle up the cash i will def get them but the way things r lookin right now its looking slim

  • uncleknobs

    These are the dumbest and ugliest looking shoes ever for a cavalier player. L23 please tell me your not going to embarrass yourself by wearin these in a game, they dont match the cavs colors at all, and you ought to stop strokin nyc so much by making dumb shoes for them

  • luna216

    anyone know which footlockers will have them and if they will be availble for sale via telephone…or even online besides 3 or 4 hundred on ebay

  • Dunkman

    i doubt any footlockers do phone orders, these are gonna sell out the same day…plus these are hot as hell im copping 4 sure :mrgreen:

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