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Jan 19, 2009 at 10:38 am | lebron-vishoes

LeBron James’ love for the New York City is very well documented – something that I’m sure his fans from Ohio are not fond of at all. Although he tried to redeem himself in his latest State Farm commercial by saying “I’ve decided to sign with the Cleveland Brows, baby!”, he’s not shy about being an ultimate New York Yankees/Dallas Cowboys fan. Three years ago, Nike started releasing special NYC Exclusive LeBron sneakers. And they did that with style releasing the amazing Graffiti Zoom LeBron IV, which I’m sure is on the wanted list of every LBJ fan collecting his sneakers. One year later, they continued to rep NYC with the release of the Yankees and Mr. Basketball Zoom LeBron Vs – also stunning shoes. The only thing bad about them was the outlet mishap later that year. This season we’ve had the Big Apple VI, which is definitely a love-me-or-hate kind of shoe and let’s just say I did not fall in love with it. Others did tho. Now, we get a preview of yet another NYC inspired LeBron sneaker. This time the main theme are New York’s famous Yellow Cabs. In my opinion, the Taxi Zoom LeBron VI is not deserving enough to continue the legacy of LeBron’s previous NYC kicks, but to each his own. It is unique… that’s for sure. We encourage you, our faithful readers, to be the judges on this matter. Possible release details are still unknown.

Another Tribute to NYC 8211 Taxi Nike Zoom LeBron VI Show Album
  • luna216

    PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHEN THESE WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR SALE…im sure it will be a HOH exclusive…like the big apples…the miami…and the L.A’s…but these by far are way better color scheme than the other 3 i just mentioned…they come 2nd only to the chalk edition…the whole concept of the big apple is creative with the all red upper and cement bottom…but they just as dull as the triple black…

  • witness123

    realy not feeling these…

  • 4DRUMZ

    Taxi nothing? this is the PITTSBURGH STEELERS Super Bowl colorway!!! Seriously though, dope mix and one of the best yellow/black colorways I?ve seen. I’m sure they’ll be LE

  • iGotShoes06

    “Steel Curtain Baby”

  • reddreadloc

    Im def feeling these!!! They are a def cop for me if i can find them in a 15 :lol:

  • ENDs

    big apples were way better then these, not feeling the colors but good design for taxi’s and all, idunno might cop, but not a def cop im looking forward to feb. now for those home white and red now those r clean and crispy

  • grande_mono

    Definitely feelin the colorway on these. Hoping for some sort of an online release like the chalks (but of course I doubt it :???: )

  • uncle knobs

    These shoes are ugly, the six’s are my favorties only second to zoom 3’s, but i mean what is the story with this, i really hope he never wears these in a game, the la shoes last night were dumb too, they dont match cavs colors at all. doesnt make sense to wear shoes that dont even match your own colors, i thought lebron was on the cover of GQ and had style. i love you l23 but come on man

  • luna216

    has anybody confirmed the pic….after looking closely at the shoes the stitching on the top row is off and varies in size…is this not what they ask us to look for in “FAKES” :?: :?: :?: real or fake???? either way im still feeling the color

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  • hahahahaha these are sick but im feeling the new Nike Air Max Lebron vii’s there way sicker and i got the original black read and white onez these are still dope tho i wuld rock em……!!!!!!

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