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Dec 11, 2008 at 7:17 pm | shoeszoom-soldier-iii

Looks like the Zoom Soldier line is really becoming the Team Line for LeBron James’ signature sneakers. When the first installment debuted, only four team colorways were released to public and the regular styles were still the main reason for its success. With the Soldier II, Nike really focused on the Team Bank styles as fifteen different versions hit the stores. As for the upcoming – Nike Zoom Soldier III – apart from the regular LeBron James editions, Nike is going to release several team colorways and this White/Black/Grey version is one of them. I don’t know how about you, but I still can’t forget how it could have been. For more pics of the ZS3 (Black/White/Red) click here.

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  • 4DRUMZ

    One step forward… 1,000 steps backward. This design is the WORST that we’ve seen for LBJ. Seriously, where’s the OG VI design? RELEASE THAT! These are junk. The Soldier II’s were amazing. This is some attempt at a what Jordan’s been doing by stealing design from multiple shoes and smashing them together. Bleeeech! Honestly, it’s the straps… they’re hideous… would be a better design without them.

  • ENDs

    yeah the six is the best shoe in the game, and the soldier 2 was def hot also, now this???

  • tiki

    yerh i gotta agree…terrible!!!! the front’s smooth part looks hideous, and the colourway…nah, not working. i don’t feel the love in these ones, especially when kb24 just released his zoom kobe IV, which lives up to the standard bball shoes should be now. definitely a match against the lebron VI’s, but of course i prefer the VI’s. IT’S GOT LUNAR FOAM IN IT (NZKIV)!!! I FELT THE LOVE IN THAT!! maybe lebron could use some of that…

  • Nene33

    Lol, lunarfoam can’t even hold me up, and I’m nearly 50 lbs lighter than LeBron :lol:
    I like the basic design, it’s classic(clean nose, fluid lines) , not sold on the double strap though, it should be more, or less.

  • Hogie

    I can’t explain how much I dislike these shoes. The side sole design (jagged triangles) remind me of the ugly shoes from the 90’s. The straps are horrible, they add nothing to the shoe. The front toe is boring and protruding…..If you take away the Nike swoosh and the LeBron logo, these are something I would see at Wal-Mart or K-Mart.

  • Kaczala

    I don’t like these shoes but saying the lunar foam is better is ignorant. Lunar is just a gimmick… it’s useless. Zoom Air is where the performance is and it’s incomparable.

  • Nene33

    It’s even worse than a gimmick, because it wears out really fast, and gives out, pretty much instantaneously when you have a heavy gait.

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