United We Rise Nike LeBron VI Hits NikeStore Dot Com! »

Nov 22, 2008 at 7:59 am | lebron-vishoes

Just as annouced earlier this month, today is the release date of the United We Rise Nike Zoom LeBron VI. They have been spotted at select NikeTowns with a $140 price tag, but the House of Hoops and NikeStore.com have them available for $200. For detailed shots of this special LeBron James “Gold Medal” sneaker check one of our previous posts here. If the higher than expected price doesn’t bug you, here’s a LINK where you can order a pair. Two bills are still cheaper than having them shipped from Asia, but it would have been really nice if they didn’t change the retail. The shoes come in a UWR rise box with a UWR dustbag just as the previous UWR shoes – Soldier II.

United We Rise Nike LeBron VI Hits NikeStore Dot ComUnited We Rise Nike LeBron VI Hits NikeStore Dot Com Show Album
  • Nene33

    WHY?!?! :cry: in Europe we’re still waiting for the GR to release, and now everybody else got a UWR release :cry:.

  • ENDs

    finally!!!!!!!!!!!!! going wit nike town for sure, y r these other guys even raising the price tag???!!??? they r expensive enough, man so many releases i am goin broke and still lookking to get more n more shoes its crazy, but the kicks r hot :grin:

  • ENDs

    does n e body know which nike towns exactly will have these shoes??? somebody help

  • ENDs

    got my pair last pair 11.5 from niketown vegas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i called in the morning they didnt come out till the 28th i called bak later and they were fo rsale, thats BS but its cool cuz i still got my pair :smile:

  • Thomas

    i want those so bad but cant find them anywhere. i also dont want to spen $200 on a pair. they are so hot.

  • ENDs

    ^ unfortunately e bay resellers are the only place to get them now, sorry, i have been down that road 2 many times

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