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Oct 27, 2008 at 2:02 am | eventslebron-james

All the releases of The LeBrons went smoothly on Saturday. Apart from the serious camping going on all went as planned. However, on Sunday, in Cleveland – LeBron’s home city – things did not go well. It was supposed to be special, cause LeBron James was expected to make an appearance at the Next. He did, it was special, but for a whole another reason. Please read this story posted by KDogLBJ23 and you be the judge of this weird behavior from King James…

Well, I just got settled in from the Lebron VI event in Cleveland, Oh at Next. What a joke it was. I was 9th in line and didn’t get my size in any of the shoes. Within the first 10 people there was only one other guy and myself that needed a size 12 or higher. So we thought we were good. Think again! Right before they let us in to buy the shoes we find out Lebron has had the staff pull 14 pairs of the 100 that were advertised and supposed to be sold. They pulled all the size 8’s, all the size 12’s, all the size 13’s, and all the size 15’s. Needless to say that they first guy in line didn’t even get the size 12 that he was wanting because this a**hole decided to screw his fans again. There were a ton of pissed off people and they even let two people in before all of us that never waited in line that purchased shoes.
To all who don’t believe me…. you know nothing beacuse you were not there. This is not a story at all. This is the truth. First off I never even saw Lebron and I’m not sure if he ever showed up. They said (the store) he asked for the shoes to be pulled. I also heard that the guy’s from 881 tried to pull more pairs while the event took place. The FIRST guy walked in and they didn’t have a size 8, 12, 13, or 15 in any of the sizes. Is that proof enough? To be honest I was not there to see Lebron. I was there for my one pair of shoes in my size. I talked to the 2 Nike reps onsite about the situation and expressed the way I felt about how things went down. I wasn’t a jerk i just let them know that it wasn’t right. She was willing to listen and asked if she could get my contact info. I gave her my business card with my email and cell # on it along with my size. Now I am just wondering if I will get a call or if that card made it to the bottom of the trash can outside the store. I’ll probably go with the trash can version.
NEXT’s Response:
Once again, Next would like to thank all those people who came out to support the event. Especially those people who endured the cold and camped out the night before the event. I understand that there is some disappointment that not all 100 units were available at the time of the release. Unfortunately, Nike had a last minute request for 16 units(4 sets) of shoes that they had to remove from our allocation. It was not something that had been planned, nor was it something that we at Next could control. I understand that some of you were not able to get a shoe because of this, and for that we apologize. Again, it was not something that we at Next could control. Despite that, we hope everyone had an enjoyable time.
LeBron James and 8220The LeBrons8221 Fiasco at Next in Cleveland Show Album
  • I cannot believe that wow!!!!

  • SquallStrife

    Can’t he just request anything he wants from Nike and have it delivered to him?…I don’t think he would wait until release date to get something from HIS line. I’m not defending LeBron completely, but something tells me the staff at “Next” aren’t telling the truth.

    LeBron sees these releases before they’re even manufactured…I’m pretty sure he’d get the shoes to his family/friends way before we even see leaked pictures of these.

    I’m going to have to give LeBron the benefit of the doubt this time.

    But best wishes to all of those who got bopped. I’d be pissed too..

  • Kaczala

    I agree… we only know one side of the story. But, until I hear the other side or the truth I will say this… it’s not cool what happened to these guys waiting in line in cold!

    I’d imagine LeBron can get anything from Nike and he doesn’t need to pull stuff like this. After all it’s HIS signature line. Anyway even if that was the case the fans should be rewarded somehow. A free pair of the GR or something else… f.e. autographs… that would make me forgive him, LOL.

  • 4DRUMZ

    Be watching Ebay for all those “pulled” sizes… bet they have a Cleveland mailing address! :???: :twisted:

  • ClevelandIsMyCity

    Kdog is 100% telling the truth, me and my friend were both there (number 10 and 11 in line) and we all talked to a manager and the owner of the store. Nike was putting a tight grip on this release and thats how Bron got his shoes. The whole situation was shady that day. They could have very easily made people go in perfect order by looking at the sequenced wrist bands, but they didn’t. So, mad amounts of people were cutting and the situation would have gotten very ugly if the giant body guard wasnt gettin on everyones ass so bad. However the Nike reps and managers of the store just stood there and watched and let us police ourselves and work the situation out. So the first 20 people were alright, but after that people who were waiting for an hour got in before people waiting for many hours. Better yet, there were 3 10s 3 10.5s of every shoe and only one 11, one 11.5 and no 12s or 13s!!! I mean we get one, ONE friggin big time release in cleveland and they’re gonna screw us on the 4 most popular shoes sizes? We are Lebrons home town and one of the top shoe collecting cities yet we still get treated like the assend of the shoe distributing world.

  • NClebron

    Weak on Nike’s part. We as fans pay such large amounts for there products and they need to take of us.

  • Nene33

    That’s awful, some very shady things happening at limited releases, if I where Nike, I’d take more control of these events, making sure nobody’s can pull anything on these type of releases, because this is just horrible advertising. :oops:

  • Cleveland222

    I was #25 in line, waiting since 4AM. Everyone from NEXT to Nike confirmed that LeBron pulled the sizes he wanted (at least 16 pairs). 4 more were pulled to raffle off for a radio station.

    NEXT, Nike, and LeBron all pretty much spit on collectors with how this was handled. My first and last camp-out.

  • nikehead

    i was 28th and my girl was 29th in line…obviously didnt get my size (11-11.5) i ended up with a 10 athlete and 9.5 business. i even went to NEXT on friday and talked to the manager, when i asked him if i was going to be able to get a pair of each colorway he said “no, because nike wants everyone to have a fair shot.” which i understood completely until lebron came and pulled 16 pairs. i mean i know they wanted to keep the numbers to 150 but they should have just made lbj some of his own outside of the original 150 pairs. thats some bull, especially for the very first guy in line not to get what he wanted. and the dude in the supreme hat and his friend to come an hour before and get first picks, smh..i finally get a chance to camp out for kicks and it went down like this.

  • Jang

    I was 2nd in line – my friend I came up with was first in line. He wears a size 12 – There were no size 12’s or 13’s. It went from 11.5 – 14.

    It was very dissapointing camping out for 16 hrs, since 8pm the night before, being first in line and not being able to get the size that you wanted.

    They gave my friend each character of ‘The LeBrons’ action figures, but that was about it.

    And someone else other than LeBron or the radio station did get the hookup cause he was in line the same time we were and bought a pair.

    It just makes you wonder why politics have to be involved every time? It doesn’t take much to make anyone happy.

    No one has the balls to tell LeBron, ‘No.’ No one even has the balls to ask him if he would like to come out to see people get their shoes, or take a picture, or sign something.

    No one at Nike, NEXT, XO Steakhouse, or anywhere.

    Didn’t NEXT already hook LeBron up with some throwbacks in HS. Why can’t NEXT just say, ‘No’. I’m wondering if LeBron even paid for the shoes, or did he TAKE AWAY $3,200 from the people at NEXT.

    Why are people afraid to say ‘No’ to LeBron?

  • nikehead

    on top of all that, i just noticed the bag that came with my athlete’s is actually the black/pinstripe bag thats supposed to be for the business’s…the NEXT bags we’re already set up to just put the shoe box in for the customer, and the girls ringing people up didn’t realize the bags that came with the shoes were supposed to match so im sure im not the only person who got a wrong bag. if anyone on here needs the black/pinstripe business’s and has the bag for the athlete’s let me know and we could work something out.

  • L23 wiht Big Z



  • Jang

    How is that being a liar. Those are size 11’s.

    You’re an idiot.

  • shoenobi1

    Damn, well that is pretty f’d up! But did U really hear from a representive of the Lebron sells that LBJ really did pull those sizes down??
    Now I don’t wear any of those sizes listed, but if LBJ really did that, then I’ve just lost mad respect for him, not only as an athlete but as a person.
    & those two people that got em before everyone else did should get their kicks robbed from them, 4real. Because I’d really be pissed if I was sitting out in the cold for something that I couldn’t get.

  • iLikeNike

    I was forty-something in line and got a size 14 wise. I was happy and amazed. It wasn’t all that bad.

  • poe poe

    not defending lebron, he was never seen, and nike does one offs of his shoes for him. does not add up. i bet store employees have there hands on this one! plus they let people get in front of other people. i agree that lebron would have had his way before this release. i bet this store will not ever be involved in a special nike release after this.

  • Hogie

    This story is bogus. I was 8th in line and I got a size 12, plus I actually shook LBJ’s hand….LBJ is not at fault for anything. It’s not like we were promised to get EXACTLY what we wanted….

  • The_Drible_Machine

    It is indeed sad to see that Nike had to launch this genius marketing campaign again just to save the last minute pitiful design that the lebron VI is. If it hadn’t the lebron logo, none of you would notice it sitting on a shelf.

  • Nene33

    [quote comment=”21247″]It is indeed sad to see that Nike had to launch this genius marketing campaign again just to save the last minute pitiful design that the lebron VI is. If it hadn’t the lebron logo, none of you would notice it sitting on a shelf.[/quote]
    How is this a genius marketing campaign, Nike shot themselves in the foot with this release, some of the most hardcore LeBron fans/collectors are pissed about the way this release was handled, and that’s never good for business.

  • Nick

    im not sure if the story is true about all the size 8s being gone. i was real far in the back and when i got in there all they had left were size 8s in all the shoes.

  • ClevelandIsMyCity

    [quote comment=”21246″]This story is bogus. I was 8th in line and I got a size 12, plus I actually shook LBJ’s hand….LBJ is not at fault for anything. It’s not like we were promised to get EXACTLY what we wanted….[/quote]
    I dont even understand why idiots like you comment on these blogs dude. The guy who was 8th in line was bitching more than KDog who was 9th n line and HE WORE A SIZE 9.5. Everything that happened really sucked and then its even worse when you were there and want to vent to other true collectors and dumbass fools like this comment who weren’t even there. lebron took the pairs, this didn’t only come out of the owner of Next’s mouth but also the Nike Rep on scene. She was a woman mid 40s where the new GR pair of Lebron 6s and giving away the limited bags to people they knew who just showed up and didn’t wait for anything. Hogie next time you wanna comment on a blog, at least make sure theres no one like me around to put you in your place asshole. Nike sucks, Kobe autographed the first 10 pairs of HD Marty McFlys… but not Bron hes too busy cashing his million dollar a week paycheck

  • ClevelandIsMyCity

    Nick Im pretty sure it was 8.5 that he took, I know it was the only pair of 12s 13s and 15s and then some sze between 8.5-9.5… Im pretty sure it was 8.5, and P.S. why would the Nike rep lie and say lebron was taking the shoes to cover up for Next???? completely illogical.

  • Hogie

    [quote comment=”21255″][quote comment=”21246″]This story is bogus. I was 8th in line and I got a size 12, plus I actually shook LBJ’s hand….LBJ is not at fault for anything. It’s not like we were promised to get EXACTLY what we wanted….[/quote]
    I dont even understand why idiots like you comment on these blogs dude. The guy who was 8th in line was bitching more than KDog who was 9th n line and HE WORE A SIZE 9.5. Everything that happened really sucked and then its even worse when you were there and want to vent to other true collectors and dumbass fools like this comment who weren’t even there. lebron took the pairs, this didn’t only come out of the owner of Next’s mouth but also the Nike Rep on scene. She was a woman mid 40s where the new GR pair of Lebron 6s and giving away the limited bags to people they knew who just showed up and didn’t wait for anything. Hogie next time you wanna comment on a blog, at least make sure theres no one like me around to put you in your place asshole. Nike sucks, Kobe autographed the first 10 pairs of HD Marty McFlys… but not Bron hes too busy cashing his million dollar a week paycheck[/quote]

    No sh*t I wasn’t there. I wrote my comment to get a rise out of the whiny babies like you. Way to “put me in my place”, tough guy. Who cares if you didn’t get your precious little shoes! Why don’t you support LeBron on the court or when he’s doing tons of charity work? Instead you’re gonna come on here and talk trash on LeBron just because you didn’t get a pair of shoes? LeBron can do whatever he wants with his own shoes. Just because he didn’t satisfy EVERY single person at this release does NOT make him a bad person. He’s done a countless number of amazing things for your community. GET OVER IT!!!!

  • Kaczala

    Ok… so Next’s explanation didn’t explain much :???: At least nothing new.

    You can visit their blog to see vids from the event, which have some priceless quotes like:

    “only a hundre…. excuse me only 84 pairs here in Cleveland.. 84 pair… 21 of each character”


    … ant that was the night before :evil:


  • zach13g

    Greg read my new post on NT in the Lebron VI post & transfer the text and vids over here.

    (Next) knew a whole day before they weren’t releasing 100 pairs I have proof. check out Niketalk or wait for Kaczala to update here.


  • zach13g

    haha same time ^

  • Kaczala

    [quote comment=”21260″]haha same time ^[/quote]

    oh here’s the whole thing… posted by Zach:

    directly from the Next Blog via there Youtube Video’s.
    the nike rep? in this video says it’s october 26th but it’s actually the 25th the night before the event.

    Vid 1
    OCTOBER 25, 2008 10:51pm
    “only a hundre…. excuse me only 84 pairs here in Cleveland.. 84 pair… 21 of each character”

    so you would think with 2 people being in line there at 8:00pm Saturday would be told we only have 84 pairs and none in these sizes, but nope there forced to sit there all night a day to be told just before they open.


    Vid 2

    October 25th
    (behind the scene’s)
    notice all of the shoes are in the back office.

    Vid 3
    october 26th (release day)
    (back to the office area, a worker kicks in the door because there locked out, the shoes have already been taken to the front counter, but wait watch as the camera man looks in the room, sure looks like bags and bags of lebron VI’s)

    I’m sure these vid’s will be removed off youtube by next so enjoy while you can.

  • nikehead

    im surprised they posted the one video of the first people in line coming in to buy when the 2 dudes in the striped shirts are clearly getting the lebrons first. they coulda atleast edited that shit out. look at the guys faces who waited in line watching these 2 jack ass’s infront of’em..man i feel bad for them, i hope they didnt have to pay for those action figures and hogie your a straight up ass…don’t you have anything better to do rather than post obviously fake shit up on this site. you know the only reason cleveland released on sunday was b.c lebrons ass was at the football game, come to find out he doesnt even show, we shoulda had our kicks by saturday…i feel like we should start bloggin on ruleofnext.com just to piss NEXT off

  • Wow. What a fuck up. We worked hard to put on a great event, that included a lot things for the kids. Play Station, Barber shop, Basketball, DJ staion ect. But the shoe situation is just a desaster. I have read a lot of the posts, and it makes my stomach turn. Obviously not the outcome we wanted. We have had many events at our stores, including the Chamber of Fear event years ago. Never, Never have we had a situation like this where we were not able to fully control the event, and the inventory like was the situation this past Sunday.
    Some facts:
    1) The packs that we received on each style were from sizes 7 – 15. Not typical to have sizes up to 15 on a release like this. Because of that, there were only 1 per size on many of the sizes (excluding the meat size 10-11).
    2) 4 pairs were presold on a radio raffle(Nike)
    3) 16 pairs were pulled prior to the event(Nike)
    4) No extra pairs in the officeas mentioned to be seen in the video!! Just customer holds and layawys of other product(not the V’s)
    5) Two guys jumped the line, and we did a poor job of stopping them. (Next)
    6) Our cash ringers were not checking the numbers on the bands. MCA who ran the event for Nike, did not instruct them to .Ultimately they were our ringers, so we at Next dropped the ball.
    7) Lebron did not show, but he never gurenteed he would be there. These things are usually day to day. Sunday was just not our day.
    8) Despite all this shit, I think a lot of young kids did have a great time, and I don’t think they even knew there was a shoe release. North Randall is a very depressed area, and it waw nice to put on a fun, possitve event for all the kids to enjoy.
    These are the facts. Those that now me, and Next, know that we don’t pull shady crap. We have a rep that is not worth hurting for a few shoes. Shit happened that we wish had not, and for that we sincerely apologize.
    Next Stores

  • KDogLBJ23

    I appreciate Steve coming on here and representing Next. It takes a lot of integrity to come on here and admit what happened. The event was great for all the kids. They had a great time getting hair cuts, playing basketball, and checking out all the performances. I know that is very important for the community but for Lebron to do what he did is just not a good look. It’s not a good look for Lebron, Nike, and unfortunatley Next. Yes, I said Lebron. You can say it was Nike re-allocating the shoes but bottom line is that these 16 shoes went to Lebron and his crew. On top of that his lame ass didn’t even show up to the event for the release of these “limited” shoes in his own damn city. LOL! This guy is a true retard. I have met him a few times and the persona he shows people when he is on TV or in interviews is a complete show. I’m from Akron and I know where he grew up and have watched him play since he was a freshman in high school. I have finally seen the light that he is just another thug from the hood that is now a millionare. He just has the right people pointing him in the right direction. People in Cleveland need to realize that this guy could give two shits about this town and it’s fans. I am still going to be a Cavs fan but best believe I will be heckling this asshole every chance I get at the Cavs games. The stories I have heard about him and his crew in the last few years are just ridiculous. Needless to say my days of collecting Lebrons are over. I know I am wasting my breath saying that since I am just one guy out of millions that buy his shoes. Truth be told….. his shoe line has gone right in the shitter since the IV. Maybe it’s the designers or maybe it’s that Lebron has better things to do than have input on the new shoes. Guy’s that have been collecting these shoes since the AZG will agree that the Lebron line has become a joke. Anyways, I want to thank Steve again for posting on here. I know he is in a tough position being in a hard spot in between Nike and Lebron. Steve, don’t worry because he is going to be gone in less than two years. We need Next to look into the future of keeping it’s customers happy long after this so called “home town hero” leaves. I was able to get the Biz in a 10.5 but if I can’t get rid of them by Friday I am planning on taking them back. Anyone that reads this really needs to come check out Obsessive Sneaker Disorders online radio show on Wednesday night. This subject will be discussed that night. This online radio show is the latest and biggest thing to happen to the sneaker world. Please come check it out. They have a live chat board or if you want to call in and comment you are able to. Here is the link to the radio show.

    Here is the link to OSD’s 365 24/7 online sneaker TV shows. Check them out also.

  • Right^


    so you guys knew Saturday there were only 80 pairs as seen in the video, yet you do not tell people waiting in line until Sunday before you open. granted it was posted on the site at 10:51pm saturday but guys in line don’t have web access like that.

    you, your staff, or NIKE did not say anything until right before you let people in.

    Nike screwed you guys at Next and it’s making the store look bad now.

    while your here maybe you can answer this.

    Why did nike pull 16 pairs?

    who were they for?

    were there 100 pairs in your store and nike removed 16 pairs from the stock?


  • Zach13g

    good post Kdog,

    my sz 12 kid III for you 10.5 BIZ VI? :smile:

    Nike really screwed NEXT.

    I want to hear why NIKE did this, Next has came through, thanks for posting that up there steve.

  • poe poe

    this is it is a “he said, she said”, classic! who is really telling the truth? i have my thoughts, and doubt that lebron was involved with the pull from this store. go on ebay and check out how much they are going for. 16 pairs and how many employees walked away “v.i.p.” style so they could resell them? smoke in mirriors and the blame is trying to be pushed on somebody else. also, nike and next do not owe anybody a thing! and that is reality of life.

  • A couple comments:
    We should have let people know about the 16 pairs, but it was late, and I was not sure what the turn out would be. We did not really know what sizes were going to be taken until it was too late to communicate it to people.
    I should have put the word out none the less. My bad.

    Who were they for? I will leave that one alone. Nike pulled them for one of their athletes.

    Did our employees get some and sell them. NO. Ask any of them, and they will tell you they were hands off. They were not happy, but we do that with a lot of shoes we get. We like to give the customer a chance first.

    Does Next or Nike or Lebron owe anyone anything? I can only speak for Next, and the answer is always yes. We would not be around if it weren’t for our customers. Period. The moment we think different, we are done. We owe them great product. Real product! Great service. A nice atmosphere to shop. All of these things and more are what we owe our customers.
    We have been in business since 96′ and that is what we are about. Cleveland does not have a great fashion/sneaker scene, and we have done our best over these years to bring it to Cleveland. It is our passion, not just our business.

    I would also say that we have had many events, and all have gone well. Except for the shoe f_ck up, I think this event went great. It’s not easy, and there are a lot of people involved to make it happen.
    I respect all of you guys for your desire and enthusiasm about the fashion of sneakers. I am responsible for buying all of the footwear for Next, and it is a job that would be less exciting and rewarding if you guys were not out there on the hunt!
    I am sure there will be future events, and we will strive to lock down some of these issues. You guys can decide if you want to attend or not. That is out of my hands.


  • mike smith

    the whole event was all about the shoe, wasn’t it? (cover, cover, cover?) so when the employee on the youtube video that brags about having v.i.p. access as an employee, answer that phrase! people cutting in line in front of people that camped out. remember when tony romo dropped the snap for the field goal try in the play offs 2 years ago? next=tony romo. u just didn’t drop the ball, it is going to cost u in the long run!!!!!!!!11

  • No Mike the whole event was not just about the shoes. It was a block party. Did you not get that. There were many people there that did not give a shit about the shoes. They were there to see friends, show their kids a good time. Shoot some hoops, get a hair cut, let there kids try out a dj booth. Munch on some wings and dogs. You know a block party. Lighten up Mike. Don’t hate. There is too much of that in the world. We don’t need it over some shoes?


  • Gabes

    LeBron, LeBron, LeBron…..this guy really needs to concentrate more on being good/loyal to his city and fans. He is trying way too hard to be a “Global Icon” and we can all see that his basketball game is suffering and now his connection with his city and fans is suffering, as well. I think a nice start would be to surround himself with true role models and friends….rather than people like Jay-Z.

  • Cleveland222

    I got stuck with a size 9.5 Business and an 11 Athlete since Queen James yanked everything in my size. After spending 8+ hours camping out, in the cold, for these shoe and ending up without I can still say I respect NEXT, and expecially Steve for being truthful about how things went and why things happended the way they did. Some things fell through the cracks, and it didn’t run perfectly, but the time Steve has taken to explain things here, and to me personally I greatly appreciate.

    In the end LeBron is the joke in this scenario, and NEXT did the best they could. Like K-Dog said; LB will be gone in a few years, and NEXT will still be here, taking care of us with hotter kicks than Clevelnad would get without them. Thanks Steve.

  • Zach13g


    Is NIKE aware of the situation? the aftermath of what’s going on now?

    they need to redeem you guys, how about that Ohio State Lebron VI, special release only for NEXT, get on em..! LOL

  • nikehead

    thanks steve for all the feedback…i was really pissed off about the situation at first but i understand you weren’t able to go against nike’s word. and truthfully other than this shoe dilemma i havent had anything but respect for NEXT and from your employees when i go there. it’s too bad lebron fucked over his hometown. i still don’t understand why they couldnt have pulled a few shoes from each spot rather than all 16 from NEXT..oh well, what can you do. and as i stated before, has anyone else ran into getting the wrong drawstring bag that doesn’t match the shoes?

  • ClevelandIsMyCity

    yeah, my friend who was 10th in line got the wrong bag. he got a business bag and he has the wises so anyone who is trying to trade please post because he is looking for his bag. I agree 100% with Kdog and everyone showing Steve respect. When i called Next on the Wednesday prior to the release they put me in contact with the owner of the store. Now if thats not rediculously good customer service then i dont know what is? My friend who i was in line with grew up with one of the employees from Next in beachwood and he had no reason to lie to us. He said very clearly they weren’t allowed to get any shoes. He then went on to say that he was considering calling off to stay in line because he wanted them, but they needed him to work the shift. The point is this is typical, Lebron has made it very clear he doesn’t give a shit about Cleveland and any of his fans. I have had many run-ins with him, he will NOT sign any autographs, my female friend from the Cheesecake Factory waited on him and he absolutely refused to tip her and when they included it in the bill because he had a very small TWENTY PEOPLE with him he called out the manager and actually pulled the “do you know who i am?” card. So they literally had to comp some parts of his meal so the waitress could be tipped. I went to benihanas (a classy samurai joint) and Lebron had his usual crew of 20 people there. For anyone who is familiar with the restaurant, they have a wall of famous people’s pictures with their cook. When Lebron was asked to take a picture, he said he would if his meal was comped. When they refused because they just couldn’t suffer such a loss, he refused to take the picture and it never happened. The point is look at the type of guy who is considered a “role model” in our society. I could give a shit less if any of you haters don’t believe these stories cause they’re not heresay from random people there specific events witnessed by me or my close friends. Theres still tons more stories i know but they are mostly rumors so i care less to share them. I love shoes but this guy is a douche bag. It just sucks his shoes gotta be so hot… mad respect Steve, Next came through with one of the biggest shoe releases ever in Cleveland, I’ll be there next time

  • Zach Nike is aware of the situation, but not sure what there is to do. What’s done is done. They are probably enjoying the “hype” anyway….

    I appreciate the support from most of the forum, I don’t get on here too often, but I enjoyed the conversation. To that end, feel free to call me anytime at my office at Shaker to discuss this or other shoe releases. I am usually here: 216-751-3318
    You guys probably know more about future releases than I do, so if you call, go easy on me!


  • Zach13g


    one more comment from me, I heard the sizes pulled were all the sz 8, 12, 13, & 15 from each color which Next only had 1 each pair in those sizes correct?

    this guy has a sz 8 up for auction with a detailed receipt from NEXT showing he bought a sz 8 from there.


    not trying to cause any trouble just trying to get the facts straight.

    and Steve can I get one of those “THE LEBRONS” posters? Email- Zach13g@hotmail.com


  • Zach.
    8’s were not taken. 81/2 were taken. 3 of them.

    There were not 4 complete sets taken for some reason. Here is what was requested and taken

    Various shoes:
    81/2 3
    101/2 4
    12 3
    13 3
    15 3

  • KDogLBJ23

    Interesting because there were absolutely no size 12’s, 13’s, or 15’s available to the FIRST person in line. Hmmmmmm. Today I heard some VERY interesting information that I am waiting on getting confirmed.

  • Sorry wrong info. I forgot the 4 that got rung up for the radio raffle.
    So there were 4 of each size taken:
    8 1/2
    10 1/2
    12 1/2

    I think I am done with this story. On to the next….

  • L23 With Big Z

    What the Hell!?! 47 Comments?! :shock:

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