Change of Plans – Gold Medal LeBron 6 Drops This Saturday »

Oct 6, 2008 at 1:50 am | lebron-vishoes

For those, who have been waiting for the 11/1 launch of the Gold Medal Zoom LeBron VI, update your calendars. The premiere has been moved up to 10/11 (this Saturday). The release has been changed due to the Grand Opening of the second House of Hoops store located in Los Angeles. However, the new HOHLA won’t get this special LeBron 6 USAB Make Up and it will be available in the good and old HOHNY, which is the only U.S. location to get these. We’re still waiting for the confirmation on the price so check back in the middle of the week for more information. UPDATE: This is just in… the shoes will retail for $250 and will be extremely limited!

Change of Plans 8211 Gold Medal LeBron 6 Drops This Saturday
  • Nene33

    They’re so nice.
    I’m really getting annoyed with the huge amount of HOH limited releases though, Nike should take better care of people not living in NY, or starting next week LA.

  • GotShoes06

    Best Colorway hands down all the rest just look like AF1’s “LOL” these are a must copp!

  • Greg


  • 4DRUMZ

    They ay’ight… I’m still waiting on the VI to grow on me and it’s just not happening. The black/red KICKS cover colorway is still the best!

  • marty

    This shoe is amazing!! loving the lasering!! is there anybody out there who can help me cop these?

  • iwantlebron

    im not surprise :cool:

  • Dunkman

    Nike will not forget about HoHNY..the first

  • Those are sick.But I dont got the cake 4 them :cry:

  • Kaczala

    $250 is a little steep. I hope they are worth going thru all this trouble to get a pair.

  • Tomas

    does anyone (Greg) know where/when to get these in Asia?


    no pix of the box?

  • Oh my goodness, $250?! No thanks…

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