While the VI Low posted few moments ago is a standard cut-down design, the Soldier III is a completely new and fresh project from Nike. It’s also scheduled to release during Summer 2009 as it’s looking to carry on LeBron’s Playoff shoes tradition. The previous Soldiers have proved that James’ summertime kicks are not falling behind the numbered models, neither in terms of performance nor style. The Soldier III incorporates two straps on the front of the shoe, a feature first seen on the Nike Zoom 20.5.5. Also, just like in the past the shoe sits on the top of heel and forefoot Zoom Air units – a standard for the Nike LeBron line. They will retail for $110 and the first colorway is scheduled to be released in April.

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Sep 18, 2008 at 11:59 am | nike-lebron-shoeszoom-soldier-iii
  • 4DRUMZ

    Bleech! :???:



  • Kaczala

    From all the 2009 LeBron kicks:
    LeBron 6 > Zoom Power > Ambassador >>> Soldier III

    At least after the leaks…

  • ChristTheKing23

    I don’t know about this nike?????????Compared to the rest of the soldier line this is just a major step back.These look low quality and basic.Looks like any other nike basketball team shoe.Verdict is…….”Dissapointed.” :cry:
    Does any1 kno if this is going to change?

  • brad b.

    wtf you guys are idiots, the design is sick and might have been taken off of an artits design on, under the category lebron. the straps are back! plus i know your opinions will change when see lebron wearing them in the playoffs.

  • brad b.
  • Kaczala

    [quote comment=”19870″]heres the actual site and page
    some really nice designs up there :shock:

  • lbj78

    there basically the kobe 2 st’s

  • mOe23

    Hey Kaczala the shoes that were uploaded in the link you posted are very hot, I wonder if these shoes (NZS3) are changing. Kaczala, do you have any information if these shoes are going to be final or like in case of the ZL6 that they release a different version of the shoes before they got a final one??

  • Jdub

    [quote comment=”19870″]heres the actual site and page

    That Nick Maloy rendering is probably the sickest shoe I have ever seen. Nike has to see that design and immediately put those on the market. Absolutely sick. They would be perfect for LBJ, too.

  • rj

    this just looks like the adidas piranha 3.0 with a lebron logo slapped on it.

  • maninflight14

    I think i can cope with these. can’t wait till they come out


    ummmm idk wat 2 say i like em but dnt love em i have all da soldiers n these arent the most stylish but there prolly da best basketball shoe he made

  • jay

    ok befor you judge them i own a pair i will never play in another shoe they are amazing you can adjust them to your confort im telling you get a pair you will change your opinion.

  • pittsburg

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