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Aug 14, 2008 at 4:22 pm | stuff

The youngest player to reach 10,000 career points in NBA history, Cleveland Cavaliers superstar LeBron James has enjoyed a sensational first five years in the pros. As one of the finest talents in the U.S., LeBron has earned the right to represent his country in Beijing, China. Show your support of LeBron and the “Red, White and Blue” with this new limited-edition All-Star Vinyl figure of LeBron depicted in his Team USA uniform. Limited to 500 the new LeBron James Vinyl from Upper Deck will be bvailable to Ship on 8/18/2008. Order now at store.upperdeck.com.

LeBron James AllStar Vinyl Figure USA Basketball EditionLeBron James AllStar Vinyl Figure USA Basketball Edition Show Album
  • linlihao

    zlv sample?

  • Nene33

    Nope, regular white/navy/gold V’s, why no Soldier II’s

  • linlihao

    ZLV`s colour is wrong.the swoosh is red..
    ZS? is a new shose.

  • Nene33

    How about that, the shoe on the box is different then the shoes on the vinyl figure.
    Still, they should’ve known LeBron don’t wear his sig’s after the Playoffs start, and could’ve asked Nike for what shoes he would be wearing.

  • Kaczala

    C’mon guys it’s just a vinyl. They took whatever they could, gave it a USA look and voila!

  • Nene33

    For $75, I think they should’ve gotten it right.


    ur my best super star lebron :razz:

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