TIME Is Now for LeBron James and the USA Basketball »

Jul 27, 2008 at 5:50 pm | lebron-jameslifestyle

As we get closer to the Olympics in Beijing, days only get longer. For as much media coverage for the Olympics, how can you not be ready to watch James, Kobe, and the rest of the team take floor for the USA team. From Vogue, LeBron has made a bigger jump to TIME magazine. As team captian LeBron is getting quite the media response after promising a gold in the 2008 Olympics. As LeBron heads into the Olympics along with all the other players, we can only hope that LeBron comes through with this promise. The past olympics have been quite an upset for the USA basketball team. Via sneakervault.com.

TIME Is Now for LeBron James and the USA Basketball Show Album
  • Dear James

    James,Wade and Bosh you guys shocked the world in 2010 free agency. you guys in the same team thats amazing. I had one favorite player was dwyane wade but i have two player is now King James and Flash wade. I hope u guys work good team and beat Boston go to Final and beat who come to the final from west and take championship. Thats we want from u guys.
    Thank You,
    Aleem Uddin

  • Lebron now u r da king you whts to do to win the champion and u back up to baby. Dwyane wade and Chris bOSH

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